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    How to play Jett in Valorant, complete guide

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    A member of the original roster, Jett is one of the most challenging but rewarding agents in Valuing. Learn everything you need to know about her using our guide.

    From the first beta, Jett felt like a great character and quickly became one of the most used. It offers extreme mobility options that increase your survival skills and the chance to make crazy moves.

    Professional players use it regularly and it's pretty easy to see why. She has two mobility abilities, Tailwind and Updraft, a smoke she can use to hide or make entrances, and an ultimate so powerful that no weapon stands a chance against her.

    Jet's abilities


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    By holding down the jump button, Jett slows the fall creating a sliding effect.


    Cost: 200

    Charges: 3

    Releases a cloud of mist that obscures vision. By holding down the skill button, you can change the trajectory of the cast by moving the mouse. Each smoke lasts for 4,5 seconds once deployed.

    air updraft

    Cost: 150

    Fees: 2

    Jett propels himself vertically, achieving a very high jump.


    For free

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    April 1th 2022

    Charges: 1

    Instantly propels Jett in the direction she is moving. If it remains static, it will be forwarded. The skill automatically recharges after two kills.

    sword storm

    Necessary charges: 7

    Equip five high-precision blades that recharge when killing an opponent.

    left click : Launch a single blade with perfect accuracy.

    click with the open right : Cast all remaining blades at once.

    Character role and gameplay

    According to Mixwell , one of Jett's top professional players and a member of G2 Esports, Jett is a character with impressive movement skills and the ability to take great rewarding risks by invading the enemy team. However, she is not an easy agent and being able to properly control her will require a quick mindset.

    Jett is best used when aggressive, because she has a natural ability to create an advantage by appearing in unusual areas using her abilities. Being amazing at controlling Jett is one of the main keys to being successful with her. Also, it's worth mentioning that Jett has remained at the top of any Tier List since the game's launch.

    Fonte: G2 Esports

    tricks and tips


    • If you keep the launch key pressed, you can select the area in which the smokescreen will unfold. In case of risk, use it on the other side of a wall to cover the area where you think the enemies are.

    air updraft

    • Excellent ability to gain new heights and shoot enemies from areas they are not expecting. Also, it can be useful to save yourself in some situations.


    • Quickly enter the conflicting areas and try to get at least one kill. It can also be used defensively, making quick escapes to other rooms or areas.
    • Perfect for gaining even a small edge without having too many credits to buy weapons or other skills.

    sword storm

    • If rivals are nearby, use the right click to use this skill as a shotgun. Otherwise, it is recommended to launch the blades individually.
    • Combine this skill with all your move skills. Use Tailwind for a quick and unexpected photo, for example.
    • Even if you don't have any credit to buy a weapon, you can win an entire round on your own with a little luck.
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