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    How to play F1 Clash? Complete Guide!

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    It's time to face the challenge without hands on wheels!

    Os games of race will dominate the list of all-time first-choice categories. Gamers of all ages are thrilled when they play with speed. The adrenaline in the veins when driving more than 100 mph on the race track is truly phenomenal and inexplicable! This is an endless feeling that all gamers of all ages crave. 

    Speed ​​madness has its particular place in players' minds. Most of us have played racing games where a player has to act as a pilot . But who knows, an entirely different world exists from a manager's point of view, a place where all the important decisions are made. 

    The game, F1Clash , was published by Hutch games, a company dedicated to the development of racing games. This time, you will compete with rivals without having the steering wheel in your hands! In this beginner's guide, we'll take a closer look at F1 Clash and discuss some of the tips and tricks you need to get good at with F1 Clash.

    Gameplay overview

    F1 Clash lets you test your intelligence and emerge victorious as a motorsport manager in motorsport events FORMULA ONE definitive . Players will compete against the toughest rival racing drivers as well, mainly managers, from all over the world. You can go head to head against players in real time in exciting PvP modes running.

    Lewis Hamilton: One of Formula 1's Most Popular Faces

    An interesting and outstanding feature of the game is the fact that it has all the official circuits, teams and drivers of the 2021 FIA Formula One World Championship ™ . This includes names like Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, Max Verstappen e Daniel Ricciardo . One more specialty added to the game is racing in various situations or conditions like race durations, dynamic weather, etc. Now it's time to build the ultimate team, define an ingenious strategy and push the vehicles to their limits and enjoy the game with stunning graphics.

    F1 Clash Beginner's Guide : tips and tricks

    Management skills are sometimes really difficult tasks to accomplish. To help you out, we've brought you an ultimate in-depth guide for F1 Clash. This will certainly help you have a better chance of winning races.

    1. Push one of the cars a little on the first lap

    It is recommended to push one of the two cars on the first lap. This is because players shouldn't want to stack both drivers at the same time. Costing you valuable time, this can end up in a loss during the race. To avoid stacking, one of the cars should be pushed a little on the first lap by pressing red while the other can run in green. This will split the drivers and give your team enough time to change tires.

    Go strong on the first lap!

    Another excellent strategy is to define different combinations of pit stops . For example, in a race 9 laps , a pilot must stop after the 4th time, while another may stop after the 5 ÂŞ.

    2. Minimum pit stops maximize the chance of winning

    It is recommended to keep a pit stop in normal races. One should choose hard tires because they have more resistance force. It is also necessary to remember that in adverse situations of a long track or bad weather due to rain, stop your riders at least twice to stay in the race.

    Minimum pit stops would help win
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    3. Watch the first turn up close

    first turn plays a crucial role in the race, where you can take the lead. You have to push the cars in the first corner to get a proper position. After that, just keep it through the laps to win the race. Try to be aggressive even if the driver doesn't want to. Players will realize the importance of this during the last one or two laps.

    4. Fuel management is key

    This game offers fuel management, where players can choose how much fuel they want to spend by changing the driver mode. Going aggressively (red button) will burn more fuel, while the yellow will use moderate fuel . Use the green will allow the player to switch to a more conservative .

    When overtaking an opponent, you must use the red button so that the pilot burns more fuel to accelerate the engine and thus the overtaking will be easy . always monitor the fuel gauge to balance fuel usage as needed.

    5. Be aggressive when you think you should

    There will be some situations where drivers will recommend saving fuel and going green. But, it's up to the player whether he wants to do that or not. Looking closely at the fuel bar, one can choose to ignore drivers' recommendations. Stay active and make all the decisions yourself. After all, you are the boss!

    6. Choose Your Tires Wisely: Important Note

    Tire management it is vital because cars can break down if someone misuses the tires. Depending on the weather, it may be necessary to choose between different tires to compete. First, if it's 3rd grade, start with a pilot that has the best stats in the rain . Check the weather forecasts regularly to stay up to date on the situation.

    If it is going to rain (check at the top of the screen, it will show the time after the laps), the player must start the race with rain tires. Under normal conditions, you can use soft tires . Although it is only applicable for three laps. It is necessary to calculate how long the tires would last and, before the time changes, how many laps the player can do.

    7. In-game purchases and free coins

    Most online games have a in-game purchases, the which allows them to earn a good amount from the game. In-game purchases contain a number of additional features that can be used to become a tough participant. players can buy various boosters to improve your riders' stats for a period, but only after the qualifying round.

    Choose store colors and paintings

    It is recommended watch ads to earn some free in-game currency. Players may need to compete on a difficult level. To spend money can also earn you some coins to spend again!

    8. Set different strategies for each series

    The lineup that brought many wins in Serie 1 may not guarantee similar success in Serie 2 . Based on the tracks, lap duration and time, you can set different strategies to beat each series. Pilots in this game have various stats and specialties. Use them according to race. Don't forget to upgrade the driver along with the car, an important weapon to participate in a race.

    Did you find our F1 Clash Beginners Guide helpful? let us know  Comment  below!

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