How to play Clash Royale on computer

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Tired of watching your friends having fun in Clash Royale without you and your phone? Tired of using up all your battery to play games? Don't worry, we help you to run trending game on PC smoothly.

Clash Royale is back in a big way with all the changes that were announced in last few months with the arrival of new cards, new modes and new arenas. But some don't seem to have a good enough cell phone available. 

Surely many of your friends are having fun in Clash Royale without you and your phone is out of date. 

Surely you are tired of using all your battery to play games. Well don't worry, thanks to this tutorial you will finally have access to the king's delicate mustache setting up the arena board with the hog rider screaming and the PEKKA destroying everything in its path.

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Requirements to play Clash Royale on PC

  • Get Windows 7/8/10
  • Have 2 GB of hard disk space and
  • 1GB of RAM

How to install or Clash Royale on PC

  • Install the Bluestacks software ; is the most used program to simulate the Android interface, due to its simplicity and popularity. If the program has “GL Incompatible” issue, check your PC drivers to resolve it
  • Run Bluestacks in Administrator Mode
  • After installation, the application will ask you to activate the Play Store
  • Keep checking the box “Back up your data to your Google account”
  • Create an account or do login to have a Bluestacks account
  • Log in to your Google account
  • Enter the Play Store
  • Search for the game “Clash Royale” and install it

You now have access to the game! It's time to enter the arena and start playing Clash Royale on your computer! If you're a little lost with everything new that came from Clash Royale, you can consult the guide that we'll leave you below to ask questions about the new content of the mobile game par excellence from the hand of Supercell.

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