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    How to play Boom Beach Frontlines: Beginner's Guide and Tips

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    Welcome back to the beach, Commander!

    Boom Beach Frontlines , a game being developed by the UK Space Ape, which was acquired by Finnish mobile gaming giant Supercell, is based on the Boom Beach universe. The game is a shooter 9v9 which puts players to capture and control points. It is focused on Combined weapons, team synergy and strategy . 

    Coming in a highly concentrated game genre, Boom Beach Frontlines aims to create its own place, bringing unique gameplay mechanics and building Supercell's impressive portfolio. Here, in this Boom Beach Frontlines beginners guide, we will introduce players to the core mechanics of games and how to get started, everything you need to know to progress faster, and how to improve your gaming experience.

    Gameplay overview

    Boom Beach Frontlines is a game of Action-packed real-time strategy which puts a great deal of focus on team tactics along with combat. According to Nick Mansdorf, Game Lead at Space Ape, “Boom Beach Frontlines is a mobile version of the battleground in the world of Boom Beach.”

    Players will be on the front lines and are tasked with capturing two points and holding them for 10 seconds to record a victory. If teams are unable to do so within a regulated time of 4 minutes and 30 seconds, the match will have a sudden death, where the team that neutralizes the enemy base first wins. 

    If still no winner emerges, the health of the turrets starts to deteriorate and the team with the highest health in their base wins. Players have access to four in-game items that help them achieve their goal: troops, defense, vehicles, and upgrades.

    Boom Beach Frontlines gameplay

    Introduction to Boom Beach Frontlines

    players receive 70 jewels when starting the game. It is advisable save the gems to buy mega box from the store once you've progressed through the game to unlock higher rarity cards that you've unlocked by reaching higher HQ levels.

    We also recommend connecting your account using Supercell ID to protect your progress, easy connectivity and in case you need Supercell ID customer support also helps make this process easier.

    Boom Beach Frontlines Beginner's Guide: Tips and Tricks

    1. Understand the troops

    To master the core mechanics and ladder progression, players need to become familiar with each of the troops and their strengths and weaknesses.

    Each of the troops serves a different purpose. We will layout each troop in the game with its use case:

    1. Robbery: High mobility and consistent damage make this troop the perfect support for Heavy and Flamer when trying to take down an enemy base or build your own. His weakness is his low HP.
    2. Heavy: A slow moving unit with a very high ammo count. Heavy is the damage absorber for your team's DPS units. Heavy has good synergy with Sniper, Zooka and paired with a Medic, he is a threat to the opponent. The weakness that the opponent can utilize is the high cooldown and low movement speed.
    3. flamer : Another high HP unit with high ammo, but what Flamer has over Heavy is the ability to damage multiple units at once. When Flamer dies, it also deals mortal damage, which gives your team control of the area for some time. Its weakness is its low dps and medium range ability.
    4. Shotgunner : An advanced dps that can eliminate enemies with ease. It lacks range, but it more than makes up for it with its insane damage potential. The downside to playing with her is the low ammo capacity.
    5. Sniper : Ranged character has high damage. She can outrun almost all characters, but her slow fire speed and reload speed make her vulnerable.
    6. Zooka : The epic character wielding a bazooka is a serious threat to enemy vehicles and defenses as it deals 3 times normal damage. She has only one ammo and stays still while firing, making her an easy target.
    7. Fire Bomber : The most ranged character in the game, he does high damage with his flaming coconuts and is one of the best when it comes to dealing damage to enemy defenses and the base. This character's main weakness is the difficulty of landing shots when enemies are not at maximum range.
    8. Medic : A support character, as the name suggests, is the healer who is an essential choice for all teams. The only negative aspect of this troop itself is its inability to do damage.
    9. cluster : Cluster with its explosive and splitting attacks is a character made to control crowds. He has the ability to be the incoming fragger of the team. His weakness is his low HP and slow attack speed.
    10. Warrior : An extremely short-range ax character is extremely effective against buildings and has the unique lifesteal ability, which allows him to heal while dealing damage. It pairs well with vehicles as they give it high mobility to work its magic. Range is his biggest disadvantage, but in skilled hands, he's a terror.

    2. Defense is as important as offense

    To win the game, players need to have control of two points, which makes defense just as important as offense, if not more so. The best strategy to successfully defend yourself is to spend your resources on defenses as quickly as possible, rather than buying powerups early on.

    At the start of the game, three random defenses and vehicles will be assigned, don't worry if you don't have some of the mechanics, rather focus on building the high level defenses you have. Last but not least, always have at least two players focused on defense.

    3. Use vehicles efficiently

    Vehicles play an important role in the game as they can be used to protect you and your teammates, cause damage and also be a faster means of travel.

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    • Vehicles like the tanks, APC, Scorcher and armored vehicles are tanky and deal high damage to enemy camp and are great during mid and late game.
    • mortar, missile tank and trike rocket are invaluable resources for taking down enemy defenses with your ranged attacks.
    • 4Ă—4 is useful in later parts of the game to catch 3 teammates that can attack while you drive, teammates will not take damage as long as they are seated in the 4Ă—4.
    • medium tank will be useful when multiple troops are pushing the enemy base to keep all allies alive.
    • mega creature It's a great early to mid-game vehicle for capturing points.

    4. Never neglect powerups

    Powerups are a very strong passive support that has various functions ranging from a simple shield to damage-dealing robots called Grunts . Powerups can be purchased in the spawn area using points called ammo that you accumulate during battle to deal damage, stay alive, and build the base.

    At the beginning of the game, you also get some points. Powerups are an integral part of the game and to use them in the best way, the idea should be not to buy them blindly at the beginning of the game, except for the shield that is useful, but rather spend those points first building some defenses and then using them. the rest for Power-ups.

    5. Level up

    Players will work for level up your HQ to unlock additional troops, defenses, powerups and vehicles. This allows you to expand the load to a diverse composition of teams.

    Every 4 hours, players can claim a free speaker and at the same time 3 stars are added to the star pool. Players by collecting the stars will progress not only on the ladder but also on the battle passage for rewards like Boom Box, Coin, Big Box and Mega Box.

    Outside of the battles themselves, players will work to level up their characters and other items to bolster their arsenal. It is recommended to upgrade all of your items as soon as you have the necessary resources, as the upgrade grants XP which will help players level up their HQ faster.

    Boom Beach Frontlines General Combat Guide: Tips and Tricks

    Here are some of our additional tips to help you with your combat techniques initials at Boom Beach Frontlines.

    • Don't rush the enemy base, it's important to be patient and collaborate with teammates to launch an attack for better returns.
    • Use the cap as often as possible. You can protect yourself using barricades, other teammates that have more health, and base defenses. The longer you stay in battle, the more points you collect, which helps you buy more resources. To contain the enemy hiding behind cover, flank them by approaching them from a deflected angle.
    Reduced damage when protecting yourself
    • Always prioritize hitting high-value targets. It is always advisable to kill the medic, high dps characters like sniper and assault first to cut off enemies' healing abilities. In case you are trying to defend your basic kill from Zooka, Firebomber first as they can deal massive amounts of damage from a range and can be very difficult to take out.
    • Make your troop picks in line with the other team picks. That is, if all players chose the assault, the zooka and marksman get a high powered troop like a Heavy or Flamer to back them up. You can see the choices your teammates made before the battle started above the map on the character selection screen.
    • It's important to be adaptable, players need to be flexible enough to change their troops mid-game as the situation demands. For example, if there are a lot of enemy vehicles, choose a zooka, if you need to destroy enemy defenses, choose Firebomber.
    Deal extra damage with Zooka, Armored Cars and Tanks
    • Knowing your range is an effective way to counter the enemy. Assault can outrun Heavy as Assault has higher movement speed, use this to stay in battle longer. Likewise, Sniper and Zooka can outrun Assault, Heavy, and other lower-range characters.
    • In overtime, vehicles become a very powerful means of getting you and your teammates to the enemy base, so it is recommended to buy and use vehicles like the 4Ă—4 and armored car during overtime.
    • Hitting enemies with vehicles does damage, so whenever you have the opportunity, try to hit enemies in your path.
    • As a medic, your role should be to keep your teammates alive, even if it means you die. If the teammate you're healing is taking a lot of damage, you can even tank for them while healing, after tanking for a few hits, retreat before dying.
    • When the enemy base is better to eliminate the remaining enemies first than to take down the base. The reason is that if you take down the base and the enemies are still alive, they can rebuild your base.
    • The more players there are, the faster the circle on the point increases. So if you see your teammates securing a point, help them capture them faster. You need at least 3 players for maximum speed.
    Capture faster with teammates
    • Entering the enemy point while they are trying to capture the enemy base will pause their progress, so when the timer is approaching zero it is advisable to dive into the enemy base to impede the opponent's progress.

    How to play together (co-op) with friends in Boom Beach Frontlines

    Playing with friends is not only a fun experience, it also allows players to make strategic plans. You can add in-game friends by clicking the three-person icon on the main screen and entering the friend id of the player . Players will also see their own Friend ID on the right side.

    In-game friends list

    Overall, Boom Beach Frontlines is a highly addictive game to which the transition is simple, but gets difficult as players reach higher levels. The game is based on Boom Beach IP and brings a breath of fresh air in the form of 9v9 gameplay. It will be interesting to see if fast-paced play can build on the competitive landscape.

    That's all for the basic tips and tricks, if you find it difficult to make progress in the game you can always turn to this Boom Beach Frontlines Beginner's Guide for help.

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