How to make stone bricks in V Rising

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Learn how to refine stone into stone bricks

How do you get stone bricks in V Rising? It's a very common question among players new to Stunlock Studios' excellent new vampire survival game. The game does a decent job of explaining a few things, but it leaves you more or less alone with other pretty important details, including how to turn all that stone in your inventory into more useful stone bricks for building.

How to make stone bricks in V Rising

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Raw Stone is useful on its own for many things, but to start building a proper stone castle, you will need to refine that stone into Stone Bricks. To make stone bricks, you first need to build a grinder near your castle heart.

The Grinder is found under Production -> Refinement in the build menu. It costs 8 planks, 4 copper ingots, and 4 whetstones, making it one of the most expensive starting buildings to make. You will first need to build a sawmill for the planks and a furnace to turn your copper ore into ingots.

Once your Grinder is placed on the ground and powered by your Castle Heart, you can interact with it and place the raw stone in the entrance section of the Grinder window. The Grinder will start grinding the raw stone into more usable stone bricks. It will also create Stone Dust as a by-product, which is used for a multitude of things – including the creation of Grinding Stones in the Furnace.

It takes 12 raw Stones to make 1 Stone Brick (and 1 Stone Dust), so you'll need to break a lot of stones to get enough Stone Bricks to build a castle suitable for a noble vampire like you. You'd better equip yourself with the most powerful mace you can find to make the task easier.

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