How to level up fast in Monster Hunter Rise?

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Tired of being stuck in HR10 in Monster Hunter Rise? Want to level up quickly and hit more powerful enemies? Our guide explains the steps you need to take.

Em Monster hunter rise , Hunter Rank (HR) is an indicator of your gaming experience, something you need to improve to be able to complete higher level quests and fight stronger monsters. 

Your HR determines the type of hunting you can do and how well you've played so far, so it's important to level it up as much as possible. Even so, you will have a lot of work to do, as it is now possible to reach rank 999!

Dropping Hunter Rank

Update 2.0 unlocked the option Hunter Rank (HR), which offers new challenges in the game. You'll need to get to HR20 to begin the first main quest the update will offer you.

After completing the questline Gathering Hub , you must be at rank 7 or 8. If your rank has not yet reached 8, complete Narwa's Urgent Quest in the Hub: it will give you the equivalent of 1 Hunter Rank.

 The Narwa Quest was the last Urgent Quest available before the 2.0 release, so players who completed the game by the end of the original Hub Questline will reach this point automatically when downloading the new update.

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Reaching the rank milestone unlocks new quests, items, and features. Since you'll be able to do more in the higher ranks, it's best to keep leveling up gradually.

Here's how to unlock each rank:

  • HR8 : Defeat Narwa
  • HR20 : Defeat Narwa and reach HR 8
  • HR30 : Reach HR 20 and complete the urgent mission to kill Chameleons
  • HR40 : Reach HR 30 and complete the urgent quest to kill Kushala Daora. Unlock HR999
  • HR41 : Earn points to get the Apex Rathian Solo Hunt Quest
  • HR45 : Earn points to get the Apex Mizutsune Solo Hunt Quest
  • HR50 : Defeat Narwa the Allmother
  • HR90 : Earn points to get the Apex Rathalos Solo Hunt Quest
  • HR100 : Defeat Crimson Glow Valstrax
  • HR999 : Reach HR 40 and complete the urgent mission to kill Teostra

Increase your rank

During Hunter Rank 1-7, your rank is limited by your current difficulty rating. Urgent missions will be needed to progress further. However, when you reach HR 8, the hunter rank gradually increases each time you complete a quest.

Obtaining a rank depends on the Hunter Rank points provided by a quest. More difficult quests provide more Hunter Rank points.

There are many ways to increase your rank, so choose the one that suits you best!

  • An efficient way to increase your HR is through Rampage Quests . They can increase their hunter rank by more than one rank. However, they take a little longer to complete than individual fighters. That said, both options allow players to increase their rank at will. We advise you to do them in multiplayer mode.
  • Hunt the monsters you know best by completing quests in the Hub area! All these missions, even the low-ranking ones, will give you HR points to help you reach the next level. So don't avoid them!
  • If you go to the quest board in Gathering Hub , you will be able to select high or low ranked missions and then select Random. This option literally throws you into any mission with an open location that you have access to.
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