How to Level Up Fast in Monster Hunter 2

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A turn-based RPG, Monster Hunter Stories 2 will involve many levels of augmentation. These tips will help speed up the process.

When a new turn-based RPG comes out, especially one like Pokémon, there's one question on players' minds: how can I level up quickly? Unfortunately, there is no way to fool the system. Players inevitably find a way through flaws or methods that the developers never thought of.

Another 2021 Switch RPG, Bravely Default 2, had a unique way to level up. While there's nothing quite like it in Capcom's Monster Hunter Stories 2, there are plenty of solid traditional ways to level up. These are the tricks to help players level up quickly at the beginning of the adventure. As a quick suggestion, be sure to manually save as much as possible to be safe.

Prayer pot prep work

Before heading into battle, there are a few things you should be aware of. First, there is a strange smiling pot known as a Prayer Pot , which is usually placed at the beginning of cities. Players can pray on these statues to get temporary incentives . For example, players can increase the amount of experience they get in battle. This is called Training Prayer .

In addition to praying, players can also offer amulets. These items can be obtained from quests, chests, or found randomly on the world map or in dungeons. They act in the same way as prayers, but their potency is better. For example, a spell of training Simple can increase experience gained by 10% for thirty minutes. 

These boosts can also be stacked with a spell activated along with a prayer. The more charms you put into this pot, the more it levels up. This increases the prayer potency value and also unlocks new prayers. This apparently takes the place of eating before missions in games in the series like Monster hunter rise . 

Fighting Monsters

The main way for players to level up in Monster Hunter Stories 2 it's through some old-fashioned turn-based RPG battles. Fight monsters and gain experience. It's that simple. In addition to wearing amulets and praying before battle, training skills will also help increase the amount of experience gained. 

However, there are other things to watch out for in battle that will help level up characters and monsters as well as experience points. As with most Capcom games or other entries in the Monster Hunter series, there are letter grades. This is calculated using points. The more points someone gets in battle, the better their score. 

For example, a company offering  if a player takes a part of the monster, like a tail, this will earn bonus points . Finishing a battle in the shortest possible time also helps. A higher score means better rewards. Getting better rewards means it will be easier to tinker with gear, which is a very valuable resource in the game. 

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upgrade equipment

Forging new equipment or upgrading existing parts works basically the same as in other entries in the series. Fight monsters to collect their materials, then use them to craft or upgrade equipment . It's actually easier in this game because of the amount of materials the monsters drop. 

Fighting a monster is also a faster process than Monster Hunter Stories 2 compared to an entry like Rise. An encounter in this game can last twenty minutes or more on just one monster. Literally leveling up characters and monsters is important, but gathering gear is almost more valuable in the power-up process. 

Updating Monsties

Unlike PokĂ©mon games that use Poke Balls to capture creatures, Monster Hunter Stories 2 uses monster eggs. Players run to the dungeons, take the eggs and bring them back to the city's stables. The same type of monster egg can produce different stats on Monsties . A hatched Bulldrome can be different from another Bulldrome. 

Monsties level up just like the main character and other humanoid companions. They cannot equip weapons or armor. Don't worry because there is a way to improve them. It takes a while to unlock this method, about six to eight hours, but it's called Rite of Channeling . 

It works like Fusion from the Persona series. Choose a Monstie to inherit an ability from another monster, then the latter will be sacrificed. This means that even the duplicate eggs are worth it, so don't get rid of them before this feature is unlocked.

Do Quests Whenever Possible

The quests aren't that deep or complicated in Monster Hunter Stories 2, or really any game in the series. Players can take on as many as they like on the city quest boards and finish them whenever they want. They are mostly simple seek or kill missions. Gathering six pieces of raw meat is an early example of a quest.

The good thing about this particular quest is that it can be repeated. Redoing quests in Monster Hunter Stories 2 like this can be a great way to easily gain experience as well as get quick cash. 

Money, or Zenny in Capcom lore, is not earned by fighting on the world map. Finding chests, selling items or completing quests is pretty much the only way to earn money . Since Zenny is needed to upgrade and forge, quests are very important, so take each one that pops up. 

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