How to Level Up Fast in Castle Crashers

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General tips for gaining experience

  • Listen low levels!
  • Keep at least one low stat; for most, that means Strength, but if you're playing a scout character who focuses on Strength, keep Magic low. That way, you can get the most hits from enemies, while also getting your highest stats in case of a difficult situation.
  • Juggling is a good technique for XP farming. It is mostly used when fighting the trolls in the Troll Mother boss fight.

Recommended animal orbs and weapons

  • Giraffey: Giraffey gains 0,1 XP per hit. This is a very minuscule amount and probably won't help much, but it's still a decent pet for farming.
  • Hawkster: Hawkster is probably the best pet for farming. The way Hawkster accumulates XP is by pecking an enemy when they are knocked down. This only does one damage, which is good, because as we all know, 1 hit = 1 XP. So essentially, every time you hit an enemy and knock them down, you earn 5 XP (4 Hawkster pecks and the extra hit needed to knock the enemy down). Even if it doesn't do much for your XP, it still gets food from enemies.
  • Glowstick: Glowstick is the best weapon for farming. It subtracts as much Strength as possible, which means more hits for enemies. Subtracting strength will help farming significantly because less strength = more hits on enemies, which means more XP. If that's not enough, he also has +5 Magic, enough to increase the splash's range, +5 Defense , which will reduce the flinch time, and to add icing to the cake, a 1% chance to Hit. Critical.
  • BiPolar Bear: BiPolar Bear mauls an enemy with 8% health remaining. So that means less XP, right? Well, 8% health doesn't leave much room for XP. But that's not the point. The main reason the BiPolar Bear is considered a great pet for farming is because it lets you know exactly when an enemy is dead. Many players tend to overdo their juggling, but BiPolar Bear cuts down on this process, which not only makes XP accrual better, but is also good for normal play.
  • Rammy: While running, Rammy will hit enemies dealing damage and knocking them down. As we know, dealing a hit gives an exp. And this is highly abusive; and especially useful as an alternative method for high strength characters. Slimes cannot be dropped and because of that, Rammy is a great pet to farm for exp. Run back and forth over a slime using Rammy, and you can gain massive amounts of exp. The Pipistrello Cave, for example, is a prime location for growing slime. However, it may take several attempts to level up using this method. Thieves' Forest is another good place to use this method. Go through the level until you reach the Troll Mother. Now just run back and forth as she continually spawns trolls for you to keep running. Rammy will do the rest, getting an (almost) unlimited source of exp. As long as you're willing to run back and forth a ton.

Industrial Castle Strategy

Note: This works best in Insane Mode and is only available on old gen.

Use Rammy and the glowstick. Juggle all the fencers and industrialists in a corner. Make sure you have high defense if you are inexperienced. If not, increase the agility level. 

Once you've done that, go to the final boss and boomerang the poles. Throw him, and when he comes back, run to the electric poles. This process is relatively easy and will allow you to gain 3-4 levels at a time.

catfish strategy

You want to make Catfish level. It is advisable that you have a decent amount of skill points in Magic and a lot of points in Agility (Magic for spell spam purposes and Agility to dodge) When Catfish appears, spam splash magic. 

If you have a character with a decent boss killing then you should gain XP quickly. You HE CAN remove the hairball, but you run the risk of doing great damage. You not attack him when the King launches the cannonball and the stunned Catfish; otherwise it will do a lot of damage to the Catfish. When the catfishstarts attacking you with its paw, block it with your shield. Keep repeating this and you'll get lots and lots of XP. 

Another way to do this is using the Level 50 Drill Spin combo instead of splash magic and switching between splash magic and shielding during paw attacks. Keep in mind that Catfish has 10 times more HP in Insane mode. So it's worth doing there. Also remember that you can use Giraffey to get 10% more XP. 

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Certain characters, like the fencer or the industrialist, have a spell that can easily kill the catfish in seconds. As such, to maximize your XP gain with these characters, it's important to fight the catfish in insane mode.

Troll Mother Strategy

When you finish the first part of Thieves' Forest, you will fight the "Mother Troll". It is a troll-like beast that, instead of attacking the player, will spawn a large amount of Trolls that will attack them. She also runs away from you when you hit her. 

Wait for it to generate as many minions as possible and then juggle them until they die. This is a great way to build XP. Keep in mind that this can take around 15-20 minutes to go up around 6 levels. If you already beat the game, do it in insane mode. Remember to have a good defense before doing this.

Lava World Strategy

There is a point in Lava World where you need a sandwich to cross. You not using a sandwich such as Fire Demons will keep spawning and spawning one by one. 

This is a very simple way to make farm XP and is a good way to make farm sandwiches, however once you unlock later levels or level up more this technique becomes less and less effective so you will have to resort to other farming methods such as Painter or Mother Troll. 

High defense is recommended, though not entirely essential. (If you want, try it in insane mode!)

Barbarian boss strategy

Keep defeating the Barbarian Boss and you'll keep getting XP. You must be at least Level 2. It is highly recommended that you don't spend your skill points until you reach your desired level.

Painter's Strategy

Use a character with good projection and hit it repeatedly or hit it until it starts to paint. Each time you defeat Painter, he drops Food, so you probably won't need any potions after you defeat him. A good strategy for higher level people!

Castle Keep Strategy

Use a low strength character and go to Castle Keep and at the right window they can be pushed back and take damage like Snow World and the trees in Forest Entrance. It gives a lot of XP per time you repeat the strategy with around 700 XP per run in Insane Mode. A good strategy for people around level 30.

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