How to increase your team's bond level in Scarlet Nexus

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The futuristic RPG has been a stellar hit since it launched on June 25th, and there are a few components you need to master in Scarlet Nexus to be more successful while playing.

It's not every day that we experience a polished action RPG like BANDAI NAMCOM's Scarlet Nexus, as the game was highly praised around the world and we scored Scarlet Nexus as a solid entry in our review.

Within the game there is a lot of content for players to check out, using the SAS feature you can summon your ally's abilities to use in battle. But your level of bonding with them individually, and as a team as a whole, is something to monitor.

While the system can be a bit tricky to understand, let's see how you'll be able to increase your team's bond level in Scarlet Nexus.


Scarlet Nexus has a central emphasis on strategy and battle skills

What is team bonding in Scarlet Nexus?

During one of Scarlet Nexus' middle phases, you will be notified of a new metric that will be used to determine how cohesive your team is.

This is different from the regular bond levels you have with individual allies in the game as it spans your entire team and will grant you rewards and other benefits the higher the level.

How to increase your team bond level in Scarlet Nexus

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There are a few factors that go into increasing your team's overall bond level, as you will need to ensure that all your team members have the same bond level.

Below are some ways to increase your team bond level in Scarlet Nexus.

  • Giving gifts to individual members during wait phases
  • Participating in bonding episodes with allies

This will level up your team as a whole and grant additional rewards and cosmetic items for players to equip.



In the final stages of Scarlet Nexus, you will be able to play with both squads

When you increase your team bond level, you earn cosmetic rewards such as new outfits and new team bond episodes for the player to participate in. Here is a summary of what you will unlock.

Team bond levelReward
2New white battle clothes
4Unlock Team Bond episodes
5The other platoon can wear white battle clothes

You'll gain access to the other team during Phase 9, it doesn't matter if you're playing as Kasane or Yuito, but it's still hard to get to this level.

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