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    How to Increase Storage on Nintendo Switch

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    Back up your games and save data to an SD card or Nintendo Switch Online

    What to know

    • Turn off the switch and lift the bracket to find the microSD slot. Insert a microSD memory card and turn on the console.
    • Go to System Settings > Data management > Move data between system/microSD card to free up space on the console.
    • You can store games, demos, software updates, DLC, screenshots and videos on your microSD card, but you cannot store save data.

    This article explains how to increase storage on a Nintendo Switch with a microSD card. You can also backup your games and save data with the Nintendo Switch Online .

    Can you add more storage to Nintendo Switch?

    If you can't download new games because your internal storage is full, you can archive your data on Nintendo's cloud service. Go to System Settings > Data management > quick file . Choose the games you want to archive and select file data .

    By archiving games purchased from the Nintendo Store, you can redownload them for free. Game save data remains stored on the console. To back up your save data online, you must pay a monthly subscription to Nintendo Switch Online.

    Alternatively, you can expand your switch's storage with a compatible microSD card. That way, you don't have to worry about deleting and downloading games again.

    How do you upgrade memory on a switch?

    Follow these steps to increase storage space on your Nintendo Switch:

    1. In portable mode, turn off the switch. hold down the on/off button and select Energy options > Hang up 
    2. On the back of the switch, lift the bracket to reveal the microSD slot.
    3. Carefully insert the microSD card into the slot with the metal pins facing down. You may hear a click when the card is securely locked in place.
    4. Press the open garter / detach to turn on the switch.
    5. On the Switch home screen, select System Settings .
    6. Selecione data management and , then select Move data between system/microSD card .
    7. Selecione Move to microSD card .
    8. Choose the games you want to transfer to the microSD card and select move data .
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    You will now have more gaming space on your switch. When the internal storage is full, new downloads will automatically go to the SD card.

    To view all games on the microSD card and on the console itself, go to System Settings > Data management > manage software . On the right, you can see how much space is available on the microSD card and on the system itself.

    To transfer game data from the microSD card to the switch, go to System Settings > Data management > Move data between system/microSD card > Move to system memory .

    Which SD cards does the switch support?

    Nintendo Switch only supports microSD cards. These tiny memory cards are also used in smartphones and digital cameras. Accessing a microSD card on a PC usually requires an adapter. Popular microSD cards for the Switch include the Samsung EVO+ 256GB and the SanDisk Ultra 400GB.

    Can I use any Micro SD for switch?

    Any microSD, microSDHC or microSDXC memory card should work with the Nintendo Switch. If you want to use a microSDXC card, update your system software by going to System Settings > System > System update .

    You can store games, demos, software updates, DLC, screenshots and videos on your microSD card, but you cannot store save data. It is possible, however, to transfer save data between Switch consoles using the built-in NFC features.

    You can copy game files from SD card to computer for backup, but you cannot play on another Switch console. To do this, you must import user data between consoles by adding a user to your Nintendo Switch.

    Updating Your Switch SD Card

    If you decide to change your microSD card to a larger one, you must first save the folder Nintendo on the old SD card on your computer. Then move the folder Nintendo to the new card on your PC before inserting it into your Switch. Go to System Settings > Data management > manage software to make sure all your game data is there. FAQ

    • How much storage space does a switch have? Internally, an OLED switch has 64GB of storage, while the original switch and Switch Lite come with 32GB of internal storage. However, users can increase storage with SD cards as described above.
    • Can you upgrade the Switch Lite's storage? Yes you can! The Switch Lite has a microSD card slot, just like the original Switch. And like the original Switch, the Lite has 32GB of internal storage. Switch compatible SD cards will also be Switch Lite compatible.
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