How to improve GTA 5 performance on PC

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GTA 5 can still put immense strain on older GPUs, which is why gamers may need to tweak their graphics settings a bit.

For a game that came out in 2013, GTA 5 still manages to be one of the best looking games you can pick up on your PC. Given that the PC version was released for the next generation consoles (PS4 and Xbox One), the game received a little touch-up and improvements from the version in 2013.

Video games can evolve rapidly in just a few months, which is why many might find GTA 5 to be one of the least tiring games they can play in 2021. However, right after they boot up the game and enter Story Mode or an online lobby, it becomes evident that the game still needs powerful hardware.

While GTA 5 doesn't exactly need the latest RTX or a high-end setup, getting the best out of the game can take some work, even at mid-range settings.

How to visually optimize GTA 5 performance on PC

Pay attention to the suggested memory usage.

Knowing GP is key to figuring out what kind of setup would be best suited for your PC. A quick way to ensure the game doesn't totally destroy the player's GPU is to keep an eye on the game's memory usage while tuning it.

A small part of the GPU memory will be allocated to other services on the PC. For the rest of memory, gamers should have some leeway to not put extreme strain on their CPUs.

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Players should try to adjust Draw Distances, Level of Detail, Shadows, and in the worst case, Resolution. In most cases, resolution should be the last thing gamers adjust, as going below the 1080 mark isn't exactly ideal for most setups.

Benchmark tests are legal

One of the best ways to find out which settings work best for someone's PC is to let the game do its work. Gamers can run a benchmark test that will throw many different combinations of graphics settings and details to test how much pressure it puts on the GPU.

After the test runs, the game will have a decent idea of ​​the level of settings the PC can handle. The GTA 5 Benchmark Test is quite extensive, which makes it an excellent tool for testing someone's GPU.

A great way to ensure the player has a decent framerate and in-game detail is to turn off VSync, remove the Frame Limiter, and set it to Unlimited.

Performance above quality

In an ideal situation, this kind of compromise would not need to be made. But some mid-tier PCs will force the player to choose between Quality and Performance. Even though high resolution textures and soft shadows are cool, they're not as cool as a steady frame rate.

If players need to decrease the level of detail, distance drawn, or texture quality, they must be willing to make that compromise. GTA 5 is a beautiful game regardless, even on low graphics settings. That's why players should focus on getting a stable framerate and performance beyond their GTA 5 experience.

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