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    How to headshot in Free Fire? The best tips!

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    Headshots in matches Free Fire are crucial for many reasons, and dealing maximum damage is one of them. The importance of headshots is heightened when playing as a sniper, which requires skill.

    Being an elite player requires patience and precision. It takes perfect headshots to get the full benefit of the weapon. However, most players can be considered new to sniping.

    Most players, especially newbies, have a hard time controlling their weapons while adjusting their aim and firing a shot. So, they need to change some settings on their phones to make sniping easier.

    How to adjust sensitivity for headshots

    Optimal sensitivity for executing headshots (image via free fire)

    When players open the sensitivity tab in the settings menu, they will see the following options:

    • Generally
    • Red dot
    • 2X Scope
    • Scope 4X
    • Sniper Scope
    • Look Book

    To shoot, of course, players need to adjust the sensitivity of the Sniper Scope. They can keep the setting in the “47-51” range for ease of swiping while aiming.

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    Players can adjust the other settings as follows:

    • General - 95-99
    • Red Dot – 92-96
    • Scope 2X - 81-85
    • 4X Scope – 57-61
    • Look Book – 67-71

    Practice in training mode and adjust the HUD

    Customizing the HUD layout is the most important (Image via Free Fire)

    Once the adjustments are made, users can go straight to the training island of Free Fire to start your sniper practice. They can also use practice mode to adjust the HUD controls according to their grip.

    Choose a shooter to train (Image via Free Fire)

    All they have to do is grab a weapon and keep tweaking the buttons until they find a HUD layout that's right for them, which they can use to hone their sniper prowess.

    Moa hard in training mode (Image via Free Fire)

    They can start aiming at moving targets or go up against real enemies for better practice. After dedicating enough time to training, players should try a real match to gain a better understanding of the skill.

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