How to get unlimited diamonds in Free Fire

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Free Fire has a variety of character skins that can be purchased with diamonds. While it's hard for you to get diamonds at first, it's easy once you reach the advanced servers. Diamonds are the in-game currency, and this is how you can get them for free without having to buy.

Garena Free Fire is mainly known for its gameplay and the fantastic character skins it offers. The positive side is that these character skins are not simply skins, but they also have unique abilities. 

However, to get the best skins, players need to buy them with in-game currency. If you're a professional player, you know what we're talking about.

The in-game currency is diamonds and, to be honest, they are expensive to buy. However, if you don't want to buy them, you can also get them for free.

There's a lot of aesthetically pleasing content on Free Fire, and that makes it hard to resist. It also has different skins to offer, which is a must for all Free Fire enthusiasts. From a small backpack to full characters, there's a lot going on.

Game developer Garena has produced a fantastic opportunity for his community. This opportunity allows anyone to earn diamonds through the bug reporting program on Advance Servers. These are the few simple steps you need to follow to earn free fire diamonds.

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  • Visit the official Free Fire website.
  • Cadastre-se using or Facebook.
  • Make sure your Free Fire ID is linked to Facebook.
  • Fill in the requested data and create your account.

What else?

However, the advanced server sometimes gets full of too many entries. In that case, wait for the servers to open again so you can sign in. Aside from a few slots for the testers, the rest are open. Once you join the advanced server, earning diamonds is easy.

After creating your account on advanced servers, here is how you can earn Free Fire Diamonds for free:

  • Find in-game bugs and report them on the website through your account.
  • Players can earn 100 diamonds for a successful report.
  • Working in teams, you can report the maximum number of bugs and earn up to 3.000 diamonds.

Also, it is important to stay away from fraudulent and illegal websites. These sites claim to provide free diamonds, and that's not cool. Also, this increases the chances of your account getting banned. It is crucial to stay away from these sites and keep your gaming account 100% legal in order to play fairly amongst the gaming community.

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