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    How to get the Loki Fortnite skin in Chapter 2 Season 7

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    Source: Epic Games

    It's finally been confirmed that the long-awaited Loki is coming to the world of Fortnite, and we've got a feeling Marvel fans will be desperate to get their hands on this new skin.

    After he was first teased on a Season 6 loading screen in May, many fans of the Fortnite have been patiently waiting for the news about the God of Mischief to finally be announced. Now, with Season 7 well underway, we've finally caught him.

    The timing certainly makes sense as Loki has his own TV series currently airing on Disney+. Although many fans of Fortnite were disappointed by rumors that WandaVision skins never made it to the game, this could help make up for that.

    So if you're looking to claim the new Loki skin for yourself, we've got all the details you need below.

    How to get Loki skin

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    Loki is coming to Fortnite Crew!

    Marvel fans will be able to get the Loki skin as part of their monthly subscription scheme. Fortnite Crew . As long as you're a member anytime in July, the Loki skin will appear in your locker for you to use.

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    Here are the steps you need to follow to get the Loki skin:

    1. Load Fortnite on your main device .
    2. Head over to the Fortnite Crew tab and sign up if you haven't already.
    3. Log into Fortnite on your main device anytime during the month of July, and Loki's skin will appear in your closet.
    4. Once you claim the Loki skin on your primary device, you can access it on any device.

    Loki being a Fortnite Crew reward is a welcome change from most crossover skins, which typically appear as expensive purchases in the Item Shop or sometimes as part of the premium Battle Pass.

    Fortnite Loki skin release date

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    Crew members will automatically obtain Loki.

    Based on previous packages of Fortnite Crew , the Loki skin will likely be released in June 31, 2021, at 17:XNUMX Pacific Time. After that date, Fortnite Crew members will be able to claim the Loki skin anytime through July.

    Most players assumed this would be a DC-only season, considering Superman appears as the Secret Skin in the Season 7 Battle Pass. But it's good to see that Epic's relationship with Marvel is still going strong.

    Hopefully, that means Epic Games can still give us those WandaVision skins one day. Fingers crossed!

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