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    How to get Swablu and Altaria in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

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    The Flying Gen III duo can be added to your team in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Pearl. See how to capture Swablu in BDSP, its location and how to evolve it into Altaria.

    Hoenn is one of the most popular regions due to Ruby and Sapphire being the first Pokémon titles on the Game Boy Advance. Many coaches who grew up with the 2002 classics miss the generation.

    Two of gaming's dearest friends are Swablu and its evolution, Altaria. Fast forward to 2021 and they will be available for capture in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

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    You can add Swablu to your team in Pokémon BDSP.

    Como capturar Swablu no Pokémon Brilliant Diamond e Shining Pearl

    To get Normal/Flying type, you need to unlock Grand Underground first. Once in Eterna City, talk to the Underground Man in the house to the right of the PokeCenter.

    Follow the steps below to get Swablu in Pokémon BDSP:

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    1. Use your Explorer Kit to descend into the Grand Underground . Eterna City e Jubilife City are the best places for it.
    2. Go to Fountainspring Cave , Rocky Cave , Spacious Cave , Glacial Cave , Icy Cave ou Whiteout Cave .
    3. swablu is a unusual spawning, so it may not appear right away. To reset the Pok√©mon in Hideaway, simply leave and enter again until it appears.
    4. Run towards him to trigger the encounter where you can battle and catch him. It is recommended that you use a Quick Ball as soon as the fight starts to have a better chance.
    5. if you have the Pokeradar , you can also find it at Route 211 East, where he has 12% chance to spawn .
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    Use a fastball to catch it quickly.

    Evolving Altaria in Pokémon BDSP

    there is only uma maneira de obter Altaria in the Sinnoh remakes is through evolution, as he does not spawn in the wild, so if you were hoping to catch him, bad luck.

    No special method is needed to obtain Dragon/Flying type ‚Äď simply raise Swablu to level 35 , through battles or Rare Candy, and the transformation will trigger.

    Upon evolving, the Pokémon will learn Dragon Pulse.

    The Pokémon Company / ILCA

    Altaria evolves from Swablu at level 35.

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