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    How to get Rocket League releases

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    See what's in Rocket League and how to get them.

    There are a few key aspects that you need to master in order to progress in the Rocket League: cleanups, aerial maneuvers and goals. Whether you're playing casual games with friends or trying to climb the Rocket League , knowing these skills is important to obtain these victories and improve as a player of the Rocket League.

    As we all know, Rocket League it's like playing football with cars. Despite all the various modes and different numbers of players per team, the basics remain the same in every match. Don't worry if you don't drive the best Rocket League cars or if your decals don't measure up: knowing the basics is most important.

    Goals are self-explanatory and learning to move well in the air to juggle the ball and keep it away from your opponents is a tricky (albeit vital) skill. But what are clear in the Rocket League and how do you get them? Simply put, he is playing the role of goalkeeper, but we will explain it in more detail in this guide.

    Here's how to get authorization in Rocket League:


    a release of Rocket League it is simply a release. When an opponent takes a shot on goal and you yeet the ball as far as possible, it counts as a free kick.

    A clear should not be confused with a defense, however. While the two are fundamentally similar, the difference comes from how far the slack goes. There is no hard and fast rule, but hitting the ball as far from your goal as possible will help you get some points on the board for a clear one.

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    If you want to focus on getting clarity, you're going to have to play defensively. Communicate with your team to let them know you protect them and make sure they are ready to push attackers to counterattack after their inevitable releases.

    However, to ensure you get releases and not defenses, you need momentum. Make sure you are fully fueled with momentum and drive as fast as possible towards the oncoming ball. It will only count as a clear if your opponent's shot was on target, so ensuring you can read the flight of the ball is doubly important.


    "Get 25 clearances in Rocket League” is a challenge that occasionally comes up in the weekly challenges of Rocket League and it's particularly difficult to complete, as you have to trust your opponents to take a lot of shots, as well as your ability to take them out.

    However, following these tips, managing your momentum, and improving your aerial skills (especially defensively) will help you complete the challenge in no time.

    That's all you need to know about getting clearances in Rocket League. All that's left to do is practice.

    Image Credits: PsyonixPanic Button Games

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