How to get more free legendary cards in Clash Royale

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Clash Royale is a strategic tower defense game by Supercell, which is behind Clash Of Clans. The game consists of unlockable cards, each with unique abilities.

Clash Royale It's a pretty simple game for the most part. From getting cards to leveling up, it's not complex. However, it is certainly very challenging. Not only does the match up system get pretty unfair at times, it also requires a ton of strategy and elixir management to win matches.

However, one myth we'll bust right away is that you need legendary cards to win games. This is not true at all. You don't need legendary matches to win matches and there are many alternatives to them. 

We'll talk about these alternatives later in this article. However, without further ado, these are the top ways to get free legendary cards in Clash Royale.

Clash Royale: Best ways to get free legendary cards

#1 Get more trophies 

When you reach 3.000 trophies or legendary level, you can buy legendary cards. These legendary cards will appear in the store. Also, you can get them for 40.000 gold. Also, another thing to make sure you are above level seven. Otherwise, you won't be able to get your hands on these cards, even if you have enough gold.

Additionally, you can get gold by opening chests, winning matches, and donating unwanted cards. You can also buy gold for jewelry in the store.

When you get to the Royal Arena, which has 2.000 trophies, you can get legendary chests in your chest loop. Also, King chests will be replaced by Legendary King chests as well. These chests offer a guaranteed legendary card.

#2 Joining an active clan

You can participate in clan wars if you are level 8 or higher. On Gathering Day, you can battle 3 times with your own cards to win Clan Cards. Also, you will use these clan cards to build a war deck for war day. On War Day, you can only fight one battle. The clan with the most victories on War Day will win the war. Coming in first or second will award clan trophies so you can progress through the clan leagues. At the end of the war season, you will receive a war chest. Also, this chest is based on your Clan League and the highest ranked war you participated in.

  • You must have 10 participants to start a war.
  • If you reach the Legendary Ist league, you will have a guaranteed legendary card in your War Chest!
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#3 Keep Fighting 

Each chest you get is a thoracic cycle. There are 240 chests in one cycle. A legendary chest will appear once every two cycles after you reach the Royal Arena. If you never lose, you can get a legendary chest every 480 battles. Also, as you progress through the tiers, there are chests that grant a legendary one. So keep fighting.

#4 Competing in challenges 

Clash Royale offers a challenge each time they release a legendary card. You can join this challenge to get the newly released legendary card for free. However, there is a catch. These challenges are not easy. You need to compete with other people and get 12 wins to get your hands on the legendary. Also, the reward chest gives you a very good chance to get not only a legendary but also 22.000 gold.

#5 Complete your missions in Clash Royale

Quests are in-game tasks that, if you complete them, give you rewards. These tasks include opening 10 chests, playing cards that cost 2 elixir or less, donating 4 rare cards, and more. In addition, you can also skip a quest for free every 24 hours.

  • Mega Lightning e Legendary King’s Chests valem 500 pontos.
  • Legendary chests have 400 points to unlock.
  • Epic chests cost 350 points.
  • Giant and magic chests are worth 300 points.
  • Lightning chests are worth 250 points.
  • Gold chests are worth 50 points.
  • These will not have opening hours. The extra points you earn are carried over to the next chest.

#6 Open silver, crown, gold, giant, magic and clan chests

These chests are very important. All these chests have a small chance of containing a legendary card. You cannot let this possibility slip away.

Clash Royale: Legendary Card Alternatives

As we said before, it's a myth that you need legendary cards to win the game. There are several alternatives to using legendary cards. There are many top players who rarely use legendary cards in their competitive deck. So, these are the best alternatives to the different legendary cards in the game:

  • Replace Princess and Ice Mage with Archers, Tornado, Ice Spirit or Arrows.
  • Replace Lava Hound with Golem* or Baby Dragon (this will change the deck significantly).
  • Swap the graveyard for Skeleton Army or Skeleton Barrel (this will change the deck significantly).
  • Swap Electro Wizard for Musketeers, Archers or Zappies.
  • Put Zap, Arrows or Tornado instead of The Log.
  • Sparky can be exchanged for Balloon, Bowler or Executioner.
  • Add Baby Dragon or Minion Horde to Inferno Dragon (this will change the deck significantly).
  • Replace Night Witch with Witch or Mini PEKKA
  • Put in mini PEKKA or Rage for Lumberjack (this will change the deck significantly).
  • Swap Bandit for Dark Prince or Knight.
  • Replace Miner with Knight or Goblin Barrel (this will change the deck significantly).
  • Swap Royal Ghost for Dark Prince, Bandit or Valkyrie.
  • Swap Mega Knight for PEKKA, Dark Prince or Knight.
  • Instead of Magic Archer, use Dart Goblin or Princess.
  • Replace Ram Rider with Hog Rider or Battle Ram.
  • Fisherman can be replaced by Tornado or a building card.

We hope these tips for getting legendary cards in Clash Royale lead you to your favorites!

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