How to get more fire crystals in Final Fantasy XIV (and what they are for)

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To create meals like Cooking or weapons like Blacksmith in Final Fantasy XIV, players will need to obtain a sufficient amount of Fire Crystals.

Adventurers who wish to become a cook or blacksmith in  Final Fantasy XIV  will need fire crystals, a key resource for making food and weapons. While most basic crafting materials are available from vendors in major cities, Crystals cannot be bought or sold to NPC traders. 

Instead, players will need to collect the resources on their own or buy Fire Crystals from other players using Gil in  Final Fantasy XIV . The Market Board is without a doubt the easiest and fastest way to get any handmade crystal. 

However, this method can be quite expensive, costing players up to tens of thousands of Gil for a few hundred Crystals.

Completing Culinarian and Blacksmith storyline quests will net players a good number of Fire Crystals, but those looking to become a committed artisan in their profession will need a reliable source of Crystals. A great way is to do daily quests for certain beast tribes. 

In particular, the Moogles in The Churning Mists, the Namazu in The Azim Steppe, and the Lakeland Dwarves all offer repeatable quests that reward players with Fire Crystals. Also, tuning all Ether Streams FFXIV to fly in the tribe zone will certainly be beneficial as Daily Quests require a lot of round-trip travel.

The most rudimentary way to accumulate Fire Crystals in  Final Fantasy XIV  it is through Gathering via Mining and Harvesting. The two most important skills for farming Crystals are The Twelve's Bounty and The Giving Land. 

Twelve's Bounty (Level 20) is a Crystal farming skill that triples the amount collected from a node for 150 GP. The Giving Land (Level 74) increases the number of crystals collected by a random number to 200 GP.

Efficient Creation of Fire Crystals in FFXIV

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Here is a list of zones in Final Fantasy XIV where players can efficiently farm multiple nodes in the same area.

As Forelands Dravanian In Dravania

  • Level 55 Nodes in Chocobo Forest: Collected using Miner
  • Level 55 Nodes in The Smoldering Wastes: Collected using Miner
  • Level 60 Nodes in Avalonia Fallen: Collected using Miner and Botanist (weather dependent)

Yanxia Em Othard

  • Level 65 nodes in the Gensui Chain: gathered using the Miner
  • Level 70 Nodes in Invisible Laughing Spirits: Gathered Using Miner
  • Level 70 Fallen Rainbow Nodes: Gathered using Botanical

Kholusia Em Norvrandt

  • Level 70 nodes in Shadow Fault: Collected using Miner
  • Level 75 nodes in Slowroad: Collected using Miner
  • Level 80 Nodes in Amity: Gathered using Miner
  • Level 80 nodes in Komra: gathered using Miner (time dependent)

Alternatively, Final Fantasy XIV players can craft Fire Sprites in Southern Thanalan, Azys Lla, and The Lochs to obtain Fire Crystal drops.

Final Fantasy XIV  is available on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam or on the official Square Enix website.

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