How to get lag out of Rocket League

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Players can experience lag in Rocket League due to a number of reasons. Changing game settings and updating drivers will help you reduce lag.

Connection issues and lag can really mess up your Rocket League experience. The delay can be caused by many different issues. 

Players may experience issues due to connection issues with Rocket League servers, router issues, background downloads, Windows Firewall interference, or even outdated graphics card drivers. 

Lag can be really frustrating, especially in tight games and during clutch plays. Players can adjust some system and game settings if the game starts to slow down. Players can find out what issues they are experiencing through connection quality indicators. Here are some ways to fix lag in Rocket League.

Some connection quality indicators for Rocket League.

How to fix lag issues in Rocket League

Here are some ways to fix lag in Rocket League.

Update graphics card and network drivers

Outdated graphics and network drivers can lead to lag spikes in the game. Players should make sure the drivers on their computers are up to date. You can do this by going to 'Device Manager' and updating graphics card drivers under 'Display adapter' and 'Network adapters'.

Updating your graphics drivers and network adapters can fix lag in Rocket League.
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Players can also download the latest driver update directly from the AMD, Nvidia or Intel, depending on your board. 

Rocket League will consume a lot of your computer's processing power, so make sure you don't have any downloads or apps running in the background. Also, make sure your Windows is up to date by checking the status at 'Windows Update Settings'.

Lower graphics settings

Players can adjust their in-game graphics settings to improve performance.

  • Disable Anti-Alias.
  • Limit your FPS using the 'Max FPS' setting.
  • Set 'Render Quality' and 'Render Detail' to 'Performance'.
  • Reduce your texture and world details.
  • Uncheck High Quality Motion Blur, Weather Effects, Bloom and Shaders.
Changing your video settings to these, to reduce lag in Rocket League.

network performance

If possible, use an Ethernet connection instead of Wi-Fi for a more stable connection. Also, be sure to check for background apps that might be using your bandwidth. 

If you are playing Rocket League on Steam, the client will automatically stop all background game downloads. However, if you play in the Epic Games client, Steam may queue scheduled downloads, which will increase network lag. Also make sure to use the recommended region before starting a match.

Other tips to fix lag spikes in Rocket League

  1. Restart your router to improve the connection.
  2. Delete Rocket League cache.
  3. Disconnect other devices from the network to improve connection performance.
  4. Add an exception to Windows Firewall to ensure your computer can connect properly.
  5. Enable port forwarding.
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