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    How to Get Free Diamonds on Free Fire: Best Apps and Processes Explained

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    Free Fire has several categories of items that can provide a competitive edge to players, which tempts them to acquire these items. However, one of the problems players face is the lack of the required number of diamonds, as the premium currency proves to be expensive for some.

    Players are always looking for ways to get these items for free or earn diamonds without paying. Players can utilize various apps or websites to earn in-game currency. However, most of them will require effort and time.

    Apps to get free diamonds on Free Fire

    Here are some options for the same:

    Google Opinion Rewards

    Some players may be familiar with Google Opinion Rewards. It is an app that rewards users for answering short surveys. Each of these searches will earn them some Google Play credits, which they can use to make an in-app purchase.

    While it is slow and requires effort, if players wait for the Special Airdrop inside Free Fire, they can get considerable value out of it.

    Follow the steps listed below to get Google Opinion Rewards rewards:

    Step 1: You can open the Google Opinion Rewards page on the Google Play Store via this link.

    Step 2: Press the Install button to download the app. Once the installation is complete, you can open it and configure your profile by selecting the desired account.

    First, set up the profile (image via Google Opinion Rewards)

    Step 3: Afterwards, you'll have to set up your profile to receive a survey, answering basic questions about your location, age, and more.

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    Step 4: Afterwards, you will receive surveys and rewards will be credited once you have completed them.

    Step 5: Players can make payment using these credits when making the purchase.

    Rewards and frequency of surveys vary.


    Booyah is a video streaming application by Garena. They often hold various events where players eventually have the chance to get numerous rewards, including in-game items like crates, various attractive outfits, gift cards, and more.

    There are several “watch to win” events in progress that offer various items and features, one of which requires users to watch streams for 60 minutes. Additionally, the Booyah Movement event requires users to upload clips of their wins, and users have a chance to get emoticons and characters in Free Fire.

    Steps to earning rewards through Booyah

    Step 1: First, you must download and install Booyah from the Google Play Store.

    Step 2: Then, you must link your Free Fire account through one of the available options.

    One of the Watch to Win events (Image via Free Fire)

    Step 3: you can participate in the desired event to earn the rewards.

    While users are not guaranteed to get rewards, it's worth a try.

    Note: Players must read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy before downloading the section.

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