How to get free Balenciaga goodies in Fortnite

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Recently, news emerged that Fortnite e Balenciaga were collaborating to release a Fortnite Balenciaga collection (in the real world) as well as in-game Balenciaga apparel. People were surprised when they found out that the new clothing line was far from affordable for most Fortnite players.

There are also some free items that you can get easily if you complete some challenges. If you complete the challenges, you will receive the Knight Looks Spray and the Fashion Doggo Spray for free! You have until 10am ET on September 28, 2021 to finish these two missions.

Emote na frente do Shaddy Doggo Graffiti

To receive the Fashion Doggo Spray, you will have to show off your dance moves emotando na frente do graffiti Shady Doggo em Retail Row, Believer Beach ou Steamy Stacks .

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  • In Retail Row, you can find the Shady Doggo graffiti on the wall behind the supermarket at the southern end of the place.
  • In Believer Beach, Shady Doggo graffiti is in the gas station area. It's between the mending machine and the pay phone.
  • In Steamy Stacks, you'll see Shady Doggo graffiti on one of the cooling tower pillars to the south.

Once you locate the graffiti, simply emote in front of it and you will have completed this quest and you will receive the reward when the match is over.

Collect Triple S Sneakers at Weird Times Highlight Center (40)

For the Knife Looks Spray, you will have to collect a total of 40 Triple S sneakers from the Strange Times Featured Hub. It may seem like a lot, but you can do it in a few minutes.

First, enter creative mode. There are about 50 shoes in total, but the easiest way to do this is to pick up the shoes closest to you and the ones that don't take a lot of effort to collect and then go out and back. Do this until you have collected the 40 shoes needed for the spray. It's much faster to do it like this relentlessly than looking for new ones in the same game.

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