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    How to get Formula 1 cars in Rocket League

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    The long-awaited collaboration Rocket League to F1 will start tomorrow as part of a “multi-year partnership” that includes F1 cars and their iconic in-game team liveries. 

    The developer Psyonix also promises to revisit the Formula 1 event in the future, perhaps to coincide with the iconic Big prize de Silverstone, or when the winner of the world Championship of 2021 is crowned.

    The partnership follows a successful NASCAR promotion, in which Psyonix added a new body type and matching decals. This time, all ten teams from F1 will be represented in-game, with skins ranging from the iconic red of Ferrari, the fresh green of Aston Martin, Mercedes' winning colors and much more.

    If you ever imagined yourself a bit like a Lewis Hamilton or just want to see what happens when you take a carefully designed vehicle into an arena of goals, explosions and carnage, the Formula 1 Fan Pack offers something for everyone. 

    Alternatively, it's a good way to flex while climbing the ranks of the Rocket League . Whatever your motivation, we've covered exactly how to get the cars F1 na Rocket League right here.

    Here's everything you need to know about collaboration.


    you can buy the Formula 1 Fan Pack at the store Rocket League by 2.000 credits ($20 or ÂŁ15) from 20 to 26 May.

    The pack includes the Formula 1 bodywork, Pirelli wheels and ten skins based on the teams competing in the 1 FIA Formula 2021 World Championship There will also be a Formula 1 player banner available for free from 20 May.

    Psyonix says the Formula 1 Fan Pack "will return to the game throughout the year around future F1 events".


    Rocket League's Formula 1 car uses Dominus' hitbox , which is a top-tier option (after Octane), so we can see F1 vehicles becoming one of the best cars in the world. Rocket League .

    Will there be a game in Rocket League Championship Series? Probably not, but you never know.

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    Here is a list of all available team paints:

    • Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN
    • Scuderia AlphaTauri Honda
    • Alpine F1 Team
    • Equipe Aston Martin Cognizant F1
    • Scuderia Ferrari
    • Uralkali Haas F1 Team
    • McLaren F1 Team
    • Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team
    • Red Bull Racing Honda
    • Williams Racing

    That's all you need to know about the new Rocket League x Formula 1 crossover, but we can expect more Crossovers in the future due to the multi-annual nature of this partnership. You can read more about the partnership at blog da Psyonix .

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