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    How to Fix Your Car in Forza Horizon 5: Fix Your Vehicle Quickly

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    When driving through Forza Horizon 5's Mexico map, you might find yourself with a little damage to your car thanks to the danger signs and it's nearly impossible to get XP plates. We're here to help you figure out how to quickly fix your vehicle while on the road. 

    O Forza Horizon 5 was officially released on November 9th alongside a gigantic new map based in Mexico, as well as dozens of new cars like the 2021 Toyota Supra and Ford Bronco. Following in the footsteps of its predecessors, the game is full of massive jumps and speed challenges.


    As you compete and complete challenges around the map, your car is likely to receive a significant amount of damage – sometimes even taking a toll on the vehicle's performance.

    With this guide, we will quickly teach you how to fix your car without having to quickly go back to the auto show.


    You can remove all damage from your vehicle after entering photo mode.

    How to fix your car in Forza Horizon 5

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    Whether your choice of vehicle is the Bronco, Corvette, or Supra, once you start roaming the streets of Mexico in your newly purchased car, you'll likely cringe at the amount of damage it will take.

    Fortunately, Forza has included an easy and instant way to repair damage to your car:

    1. Load Forza Horizon 5.
    2. Open photo mode by pressing Top on the D-Pad of your controllers
    3. Once loaded into photo mode, press LB (left bumper) to reset all damage done to your car

    Since you're in photo mode, you can take a picture of your ride! If you haven't taken a photo yet, you can also earn XP for doing so!

    How to disable damage in Forza Horizon 5

    Forza Horizon 5 also gives you the ability to disable all damage to your car if you want to go that route.


    To avoid damage, set the setting to “none”. However, for a more realistic damage setting, set it to “simulation”.

    • Press the Start button to open the Menu
    • Go to Campanha
    • Go to settings
    • Go to difficulty
    • Scroll down until Tire damage and wear and define how No

    Now that you know how to take care of damage to your vehicle, you can get back on the track worry-free! If you're looking to be the best driver Horizon Mexico has ever seen, check out our guides.

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