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You'll need a lot of ore to craft in Starbound, so take a look at this farming guide to find out where to find each type of ore.

No vast universe de Starbound , there are several types of ore available to help you progress through the game. If you want to become stronger and spread your power across the universe, you will need to get your hands on this ore.

There is a lot of ore, which can be used to craft almost every item in the game. It's important to know where the ore is, so you're always prepared. In this guide, we will look at each ore and also how to find it. First, let's take a look at how to mine the ore you're looking for.

how to extract ore

A wide variety of ores are available on all planets. As with any other block in the game, you can use your Matter Handler to collect the ore. For mine, just hover over the ore and left-click. If you upgrade your Matter Handler, you can mine more ore at a time.

Ore can be found the deeper you go underground on a planet. You won't find as much ore on the surface, so try exploring underground caves.

Once you've found your ore, you'll need to refine it in a furnace.

There are 3 types of ovens; primitive, industrial and atomic. Overall, you aim to make the atomic furnace. This will be able to refine all types of ore.

Below you can check out the kilns, as well as the building materials and ore they will refine.

Type of ovenmaterials to buildsmelted ore
Primitive Furnace20 Cobblestone4 mud1 bonfireAll Basic OreTungsten
Industrial oven7 tungsten bars 10 charcoal 5 cupsTitanium Durasteel
Atomic Furnace10 volatile po 7 durasteel bars 2 ouro bars 20 flakesAll refinable ores

Each oven is essentially an upgrade. For example, when upgrading to industrial furnace, you will still be able to refine base ores.

Planet threat level

The ores in this guide will be found on a variety of planets, distinguished by their threat level. Here's a quick overview of the planet's threat levels.

threat levelplanets
LowPortal AntigoCampo AsteroidJardim
DangerousToxic Mutant Jungle

As planets become more dangerous, new types of ore will emerge. Next, let's take a look at base ores.

Basic Ore

Basic ores can be found on all planets (except barren planets and moons). A planet's threat level will not affect where these ores are. Also, you can find them all in Asteroid Fields . Let's take a look at each ore.


This will likely be the first ore you'll find. Although simple, copper bars are needed in many recipes, including teleportation flag , which allows you to quickly visit the planets you've tagged.


Silver bars are mainly used to make different furniture. This is an important ore to have on hand when you are designing your ship or a colony.


The last base ore we have is gold. Gold is not used in as many recipes and cannot be turned into weapons or armor. This ore will be useful when crafting Batteries , which are important for many late-game advancements, including the Cooling EPP, which allows you to visit Fiery Planets.

special ore

Special ores are not found on every planet and are used to craft more complex items, including armor and weapons.

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Iron ore

  • Found on: moderate level planets, garden planets

Iron can be a little difficult to find. Although not rare, it only appears in small groups. This ore will be more common the deeper you dig. If you can't find the iron, try digging deeper into the planet.

tungsten ore

  • Found on: moderate level planets

If you're looking to build a futuristic-themed ship or colony, tungsten is an important ore. You will use tungsten for various pressurized items, including airlocks and platforms. Many moon-themed recipes also call for tungsten bars.

titanium ore

  • Found on: risky or dangerous level planets

Titanium is mainly used to make weapons and armor. Furthermore, this is an important ore for basic mechanical parts. If you're interested in upgrading your mech for the first time, try to have a lot of titanium. Astro Mech Boosters will require 10 bars, so you should always be on the lookout for titanium.

Durasteel Ore

  • Found on: Dangerous or Extreme Level Planets

Throughout the game, you will be able to update different workstations. This will require a variety of materials, including durasteel. Durasteel Bars are needed to upgrade multiple stations, plus other items. This ore has a unique oblong shape with a blue tint.

Aegisalt Ore

  • Found on: Extreme or Inconceivable Level Planets

When processed in a furnace, aegisalt ore will become refined aegisalt. This is a green cube used in a variety of rare weapons and armor. It is also used in Addon do accelerator, which is an upgrade to your replicator that can create additional long-range equipment. The ore has small green orbs attached to it and is the only ore of this color.

Ferozium Ore

  • Found on: Extreme or Inconceivable Level Planets

This ore is used to craft rare racial armor. Racial armor is your character's race-specific armor. For example, you will need 6 refined ferociousium to craft the Reef Helm. This is part of the Reef armor set for the Hylotl race.

Violet Ore

  • Found on: Extreme or Inconceivable Level Planets

Similar to ferocious, refined violium is used for racial armor and weapons. The ore is gray with purple veins running through it. When refined, it becomes a purple orb. Many of the equipment that requires refined violium are also purple.

Solarium Ore

  • Found on: Extreme or Inconceivable Level Planets

This is ore da highest quality in the game and is used to craft the highest level of armor and weapons. If you are looking to make legendary gear then you will need this. The ore is shaped like a yellow star and, when processed, becomes a Solarium Star.

Unrefinable Ore

In addition to the above ores, you will also find ores that cannot be refined. Check out a quick list of these ores below.

  • Coal: Found on all planets , used to make basic materials
  • Prism Fragments: found not mini prism biome , used to manufacture prism furniture
  • Core Fragments: found in all planets , used for the first missions
  • Erchius fuel: found in moons , used as fuel for ships

That's all there is to know about ore in Starbound. Once you find each type of ore, you can craft whatever you want. Once you've gathered enough materials, check out our guide on how to upgrade your ship. Once your ship is upgraded, start decorating with objects made from ore you found!

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