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    How to evolve Pancham in Pokémon GO, where to catch it, best counters and more

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    See how to evolve Pancham No. Pokémon GO.

    Pancham arrived at Pokémon GO with a bang, and the cutest panda in Kalos is determined to fight anyone who tries to pamper his adorable cheeks. Despite its nickname "Playful Pokemon", Pancham it's as scrappy as it looks and can deliver a nasty punch with its tiny fists.

    Pancham is the last generation 6 pokemon to be added to Pokémon GO, in a wave of additions that coincide with the events Luminous Legends X e Luminous Legends Y. But, contrary to goomy or Swirlix, you will not be able to find Pancham roaming the world, you'll have to jump some hoops to add the teeny panda to your Pokédex.

    Besides, it's hard to evolve too. This stems from the main series games where you had to train Pancham up to level 32 with a type Dark also in your group. It's safe to say that things aren't quite the same in Pokémon GO, but we've detailed the exact steps on how to evolve Pokémon. Pancham No. Pokémon GO in this practical guide.

    Although pangoro hardly one of the best Pokemon in Pok√©mon GO , we really like their unique design, and if you want to get them all, you'll have to get one whether you like it or not.


    Pancham is available in 12 km Strange Eggs in Pok√©mon GO , which are rewards for defeating the Team GO Rocket Leaders or Giovanni himself.

    During the event Luminous Legends X, you could capture Pancham in 1 star attacks, but that's over now.


    the best accountants Pancham No. Pokémon GO they are type pokemon Fairy, Flying e Psychic. We are filling our team with Togekiss, Mewtwo e Moltres (if you have the exclusive charge move Sky attack).


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    Pancham evolves in Pokémon GO when capturing Pokémon like Dark as long as he is your friend. You can follow a few simple steps to trigger the evolution.

    first define Pancham as your friend. Next, you need to catch 32 Pokémon of the type Dark. Don't change your friend while you're doing this, as although it's not a string-based condition, Dark-types caught while Pancham is not your friend do not count.

    So when the gauge is full, the ‚Äúevolve‚ÄĚ button should be available. You will also need 50 Pancham Candy to complete the evolution. It's a bit tricky and you'll have to go through the same process every time you want to evolve another Pancham, so make sure you pick the best one the first time around.


    The best moveset of pangoro is up for debate as it is a glass cannon option in PvP, and offers little in most raid situations. Nonetheless, Snack is your quick move for an attack STAB fast charging.

    Things change when it comes to charged moves, as all four attacks of pangoro are good options. We recommend taking Night slash for sure, as it again receives the Attack Buff of the same type and has a decent chance to increase its attack. we all know how Obstagoon abuse it, so be careful.

    The second movement slot can go to a STAB Close Combat. blunt force, which lowers Pangoro's defenses but takes a chunk out of your opponent's health, but we suggest opting for Rock slide as a cover move to surprise anyone who switches to an attacking Flying type. 

    Iron head works the same way for Fairy-types, but some 2,56x super effective spells could take you out before you have a chance to retaliate.


    The best IV's to use pangoro na big league are 0/13/13. It will be necessary to be in level 19,5 to reach the maximum 1.500 CP.

    Na Ultra league, Os IV's that you want to achieve are 0/14/15 at level 34.5. pangoro has a maximum CP of 2902, so we don't recommend taking it in Master League, no matter how much you like ninja panda.

    As a Pancham can only be found in Strange Eggs at the moment, you will have to trade with friends to try to get the best IVs for pangoro em Pokémon GO PvP.

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