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    How to Evolve Eevee in Pokémon Sword and Shield and Pokémon GO

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    All eight evolutions Eevee in one place.

    An age-old problem for Pokemon players since the early games is how to choose between the multiple evolutions of Pokemon. Eevee. Back then, of course, there were only three options, but these days you have to choose from eight different Pokémon, known as Eeveelutions.

    Find one Eevee is easier in modern games than in Red and blue original, but knowing how to evolve Eevee is another question, and the answer is a little more complicated than you might think. 

    you see, the Eevee does not evolve like most Pokémon simply by leveling up, and each of Eevee's evolutions has a unique way to obtain them. Depending on the Pokemon you want Eevee to evolve into, you'll have to try a different tactic.

    To complicate matters further, the rules for how to evolve the Eevee No. Pok√©mon GO are completely different. 

    But we'll get to that later, after we've covered the eight different ways to evolve the Eevee em Pokemon Sword and Shield. If you want to use Jolteon in Pokemon Sword and Shield ranked , Umbreon no Pok√©mon GO classified or just a Sylveon to accompany you on your travels, we have what you need.

    We are here to help you choose which Eeveelution you want and help you get it! Don't worry, it's not as complicated as it sounds.


    You have a choice of eight potential Eevee evolutions in modern games, each representing a different type. You'll need one of each to complete your Pokedex, so the first thing you'll have to do is get enough Eevee!


    Em Pokemon Sword and Shield, you can find Eevee on Route 4. After exiting the Galar Mine, you'll find some rolling fields that lead to Turffield. Eevee will randomly appear in the tall grass in this area.

    Alternatively, head to the Wild Area and participate in some Max Raid Battles to get your hands on an Eevee. Jumping into battles at Bridge Field, East Lake Axewell, Motostoke Riverbank, or Rolling Fields can land you an Eevee. 

    Defeat the mighty Dynamax Eevee using Fighting-type Pokémon (more on this in our Pokémon Type Chart guide), and then throw your best ball to capture it. We've found that Dusk Balls or Ultra Balls work best on Dynamax Pokémon.


    Now, you have the chance to develop your new Eevee. Here are all Eevee evolutions, their types and how to evolve them.


    Evolve Eevee to Jolteon, the Electric Pok√©mon, using a thunder stone . To use it, open your item bag and navigate to the Other Items pocket. Select the Thunder Stone, press 'use this item' and select Eevee on your Pokemon. Confirm that you want to use the item and let the evolution begin.

    You can find a Thunder Stone at the highest point of Northern Lake Miloch, overlooking the water. It will look like a Poké Ball on the ground.


    Evolve Eevee to Vaporeon, the Water-type Pok√©mon, using a water stone . Follow the same steps to use it as you would Jolteon.

    You can find a Water Stone in the westernmost part of Bridge Field. Navigate to the nursery (or take a Corviknight taxi if you can) and head straight away from it. Keep the big bridge on your right and head towards the cliffs in front of you. Travel through the tall grass to what appears to be a dead end and grab the Water Stone in the corner. It will look like a Poké Ball on the ground.


    Evolve Eevee into Flareon, the Fire-type Pok√©mon, using a fire stone . Follow the same steps to use it as you would Jolteon.

    You can find a Fire Stone on the bank of the Motostoke River. After crossing the North Lake Miloch Bridge, immediately turn left before reaching Snorlax. Keep between the two grasses and you'll see the Stone of Fire in front of you, between some big pipes and the red brick wall. It will look like a Poké Ball on the ground. You can also find one at the northernmost point in Potbottom Desert if you have the Isle of Armor DLC.


    • ‚ÄúYou two get along great! Together is always better, am I right? ‚ÄĚ
    • ‚ÄúYou two are almost best friends! I can see that you really care about each other! ‚ÄĚ
    • ‚ÄúOh wow, you guys are best friends! I can tell you guys are so happy to be together! ‚ÄĚ

    Be sure to raise the level of Eevee during the day to get Espeon, and visit the Move Deleter at any Pokemon Center to forget about any Fairy-type moves before leveling up or you'll meet up with a Sylveon!

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    Evolve Eevee in Umbreon, the Dark-type Pok√©mon, leveling up overnight, when Eevee reached 160 happiness. See Espeon's entry for full details on how to increase Eevee's happiness.

    Be sure to level Eevee at night to get Umbreon, and visit the Move Deleter at any Pokemon Center to forget about any Fairy-type moves before leveling up or you'll meet up with a Sylveon!


    Evolve Eevee to Leafeon, the Grass-type Pok√©mon, using a Leaf Stone . Follow the same steps to use it as you would Jolteon.

    You can find a Leaf Stone in Turffield. Start at the Pokémon Center and head left towards the huge chalk art of Gigantamax Toxitricty on the east side of town. Just before reaching the Neolithic art on the hillside, turn left and left again (coming back to you) into a small cul-de-sac. There should be a shimmering item on the ground, your Stone Leaf.


    Evolve Eevee to Glaceon, the Ice-type Pok√©mon, using a Ice Cube . Follow the same steps to use it as you would Jolteon.

    You can find a Rock of Ice on Route 9. Go south of Circhester on Route 9 and follow the road until you come to some water. Get on your bike and follow the water to the right, beware of the Grapploct that will try to attack you. Keep your eyes peeled to see if there is a shimmering item in the water to your left, this is your Ice Stone.


    Transform with us Eevee in Sylveon, the Fairy-type Pok√©mon, leveling up with a fairy-type move when Eevee reaches 160 happiness. See Espeon's entry for full details on how to increase Eevee's happiness.

    You can teach the Eevee TM29 spell if you have it, or level them up to level 15 when they will learn doll eyes. If you accidentally replaced or deleted Baby-Doll Eyes, go to the Move Relearner at any Pokémon Center to teach them Eevee the fairy move again.

    One final tip for getting these evolution stones: you can also find any of them at the foot of the monolithic stones in Lake of Indignation. Here, they will look like glowing items on the ground and respawn every 24 hours. There's no guarantee which stones you'll find, so double-check until you find the one you're looking for.

    You can also receive evolution stones from the Digging Duo, go to see the brothers near the Nursery in Bridge Field. Pay any of them 500 watts to dig up some items for you and you might be rewarded with an evolution stone.


    There are completely different rules for the evolution of the Eevee No. Pok√©mon GO. First, you'll need an Eevee and 25 sweets to evolve it. But before pressing evolve, make sure you know which evolution you want Eevee to evolve into.

    However, there is a useful trick for each Eevee evolution: using specific nicknames. If you use one of the following nicknames, your Eevee will be guaranteed to evolve into the corresponding Pokémon. However, this is a unique trick for each nickname, so make sure you save it for your best or dearest Eevee.

    • Jolteon ‚Äď Sparky
    • Vaporeon - Rainer
    • Flareon ‚Äď Pyro
    • Espeon ‚Äď Sakura
    • Umbreon - Tamao
    • Leafeon - Linnea
    • Glaceon - Rea
    • Sylveon - Kira

    However, if you've already used the nickname trick, or are saving it for a shine or something special, there are other ways to guarantee which Pokémon Eevee will evolve into.

    For, Espeon e Umbreon , set Eevee as your friend and walk 10 km. You need to have earned two candies by doing this, so it's easier to do everything at once, but it can be completed in two separate 5km bursts. Then, with Eevee still your buddy, evolve during the day to secure Espeon or at night to get to Umbreon.

    In the same way, you can guarantee Eevee's evolution to Leafeon ou Glaceon using special baits. If you see a Pok√©stop with a grass lure, or place one there yourself, turn the stop and stay in range, and Eevee will evolve into Leafeon. The same goes for Glaceon with a glacial bait. You will notice that the shadow next to the 'evolve' button in Eevee changes from a question mark, signifying a random evolution, to a silhouette of Leafeon or Glaceon.

    The final revelation to reach the Pok√©mon GO, sylveon , arrived on May 25, 2021. To evolve Eevee into sylveon , you need to set him as your friend and earn 70 hearts, enough to get to the Great Buddies.

    Unfortunately, there is no way to guarantee Eevee evolution into Jolteon, Vaporeon, or Flareon other than the unique nickname method. You'll just have to keep your fingers crossed and hit the 'evolve' button.


    Since raising the level cap to 50, every level after 40 has certain requirements in addition to the mountains of exp needed to level up each time. This is relevant, we promise…

    To go from level 41 to level 42, one of your tasks is to evolve Eevee into all its evolutions. There are only seven sections to this challenge, as Sylveon was not available when Pokémon GO Beyond (level 50) has been released, but we'll let you know if sylveon counts as one of the evolutions once we know.

    To complete the challenge, just follow the steps above to evolve Eevee seven times. Be warned: if you've ever used the nickname trick in Jolteon, Vaporeon e Flareon, it can take many tries to get all three evolutions as they are completely random. But once you've done that, you're well on your way to the big four-two.

    Now that you know how to evolve the Eevee in all its different evolutions in the Pokemon Sword and Shield e Pokémon GO, all that's left to do is choose what you want! Our vote goes to Jolteon…

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