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    How to Easily Fix Your FPS Problems in Warzone Season 4

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    Many players suffer from FPS issues in Season 4 of Call of Duty: Warzone, so here's how to optimize your framerate.

    Images per second, IPS or FPS (frames per second), are a very important element in competitive shooters like Call of Duty, Counter Strike ou Apex Legends, for example. This is something you cannot control in the console, but which you can clearly optimize in the PC.

    And inevitably, the more powerful and expensive components your PC you have, the higher your rate of FPS and your game will be smooth.


    Despite the popularity of Warzone, hacks and cheaters continue to attack Verdansk.

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    We are now in 4 season and with so many changes and new content, players have found their serious problems with their FPS that can clearly annoy them during games.

    Warzone continues to evolve and the basic components needed to run the game are also evolving accordingly. Gamers with simpler settings will find it increasingly difficult to play the game at a decent frame rate.

    Has anyone else got bad FPS performance since latest update? from CODWarzone

    “Have other people had FPS issues since the last update?”

    This Reddit user complains that he has lost performance on Warzone since the last update when nothing has changed on your side. This could be an increasing concern for many players if the game becomes increasingly demanding in terms of performance on the PC.

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