How to dribble in FIFA 22? Dribbling list and guide

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We started to bring all the news from the FIFA 22 with one of its most important aspects as the dribbling. There will be new options, but also changes from the previous season.

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O FIFA 22 is getting closer and closer and the new edition of the EA Sports football game will have several important changes in the level of play that, as with all seasons, require an adaptation period. Among its news, as always, there are several dribbles that will affect a lot when playing , and that we'll have to test to see which ones are more effective or which ones best fit our style.

To move forward with this, we are going to bring you a guide with the new dribbles in FIFA 22 , and we will update it as we learn more moves. As in previous editions, the dribbles are configured so that the football players with the most skills can spin faster. The player in question will be decisive in successfully completing each action.

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FIFA 22 will include several new skill-related moves and dribbling. We leave the list below and tell you how they are performed in PlayStation and Xbox . Some skill moves can also be performed for the first time when receiving the ball, such as feints.

  • Four tap dribbling: Hold L2/LT and pull the right analog stick twice.
  • Explosive Sprint: RS/RT when running
  • Expert Tunnel: Hold L2 / LT + two hits for R1 / RB
  • First Spin: Hold L1 / LB + R1 / RB while the player is about to receive the ball.
  • Super Knock On: Forward double strike of the right analog stick.
  • Turn Feint: Hold the left stick in the opposite direction after doing the same forward motion.
  • Manual Dribbling: Press R3 during a dribble to lift the ball and avoid tackle by defenders.

But be careful. There are also several moves that were nerfed in FIFA 22 and if you were used to them, you may have a hard time getting used to them either because they are no longer there, or they will not be as effective as they used to be. Although it certainly doesn't take long for you to find other actions that "break" the game. This is the list of nerfs. 

  • Removed ability movement cancellation for Croquette, Rubber Band, Reverse Rubber Band and Shell Curve.
  • Animation speed for bridge and directional nutmegs has been reduced.
  • Drag Reverse Rotation, Four Tap Rotation and Steps (LT+RT) can now be canceled.
  • The Heel to Heel skill move is more difficult to successfully execute.
  • New animations for 90 degree directional turns
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