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    How to download the Season 7 update in Fortnite faster

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    Source: Epic Games

    The Season 7 Fortnite update has just been released by Epic Games. Find out how to download as quickly as possible on different platforms.

    The launch of a season Fortnite is always an opportunity to bring together many players to enjoy the wonderful work of epic Games which created a months-long wait for a new season.

    And on Tuesday, June 8th, the epic Games released the long-awaited update for this new season.

    This seventh season of Chapter 2 brought with it many new features in the Battle Royale, including a new weapon, significant changes to the map, as well as new skins.

    epic games

    The Fortnite update introduced a lot of new things in Battle Royale.

    But before you start discovering it, you should head over to the update download box, which is often dreaded by gamers.

    So, to help you out, we've put together several tips that will speed up the process of downloading your Fortnite update.


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    close background apps

    When you run an update, Fortnite unzips your files while continuing to download. So, to speed up this process, you need to make sure that your processor is not overloaded with tasks.

    To do this, go to the task manager and close all apps that are running in the background and that are not useful to you while downloading the update.
    Free up space on your SSD/HDD

    Running out of space on the component that stores Fortnite can cause additional delays in download speed.

    So make sure you free up space on your storage type by deleting games or files that often have nothing left.


    1. Pause and resume download: It may seem strange, but sometimes it speeds up downloads.
    2. Changing your DNS settings: Changing your DNS settings to Google's public DNS would have helped many gamers speed up their downloads. Go to network settings, “Configure Internet connection”. Manually choose your DNS and enter the following parameters: Primary DNS, Secondary DNS:
    3. Sleep Mode: This is a trick that seems to work for many, you just need to put your console in sleep mode. To do this, go to the power management settings and set the features available in sleep mode, then enable automatic downloads on the system. Now activate sleep mode and come back later, hoping the download is complete.

    Xbox One / Series

    1. Close all open games and applications: To increase your download speed, you must close all open applications and games.
    2. Avoid downloading the update as soon as it's released: You just need to avoid downloading your update at the same time as everyone else once it's released, the more people downloading the update at the same time, the more time it will take.
    3. Change DNS Settings: As in PlayStation, changing DNS settings may increase download speed. Go to network settings, Network tab -> Network Settings -> Advanced Settings -> DNS Settings -> Manual, then like PS4, Primary DNS:, Secondary DNS:
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