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    How to Download Genshin Impact for PC, PlayStation or Mobile

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    Find out how to download Genshin Impact on all available platforms.

    Genshin impact is available on many different gaming platforms: currently, you can enjoy this free RPG phenomenon on PC, PS4, PS5, Android e iOS

    Elsewhere, we've covered what system specs you'll need to run the game on each of them, so you can choose the best device to play on. With that decision out of the way, this page will tell you everything you need to know about how to download genshin impact .

    Where to download Genshin Impact

    Regardless of whether you have already opted for a platform, the best place to start is to follow this link to the download page do Genshin impact . Here you will find a page with a useful link to the Genshin Impact store pages on all available platforms.

    Whatever platform you are using, be aware that the game will need to finish downloading resources on first launch before you can actually play it for the first time. Make sure you factor this into your plans and start the game a little before you start playing to avoid too many waits.

    How to download Genshin Impact on PC

    PC gamers have a few options when it comes to downloading Genshin Impact. If you are on the PC you want to use to play the game, you can access it directly from website do Genshin impact : Just select 'Windows' from the choice of platforms to start the download immediately.

    Alternatively, you can access the Genshin Impact page on Epic Games Store if you prefer it to be selected as part of your collection in that launcher. Just click 'Get' to add it to your library and follow the onscreen steps to start the download.

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    How to Download Genshin Impact on PS4 or PS5

    To download Genshin Impact on PS4 or PS5, open the PSN Store on your console and search for 'Genshin Impact'. Select 'Download' from the in-game store page to get started.

    While on your PC, you can also visit Genshin Impact PlayStation store page in browser and add it to your library for easy download later.

    How to Download Genshin Impact on Android Mobile Devices

    Using your chosen device, visit the Genshin Impact page on Google Play Store and click 'Install' to start the download.

    How to Download Genshin Impact on iPhone or iPad

    Using your chosen device, visit the page Genshin impact na App Store from Apple and click 'Get' to download.

    That's all you need to know to download Genshin Impact on the platform of your choice and start playing! For more Genshin Impact guides to help you get set up, take a look at our guide to cross-platform multiplayer and cross-save in Genshin Impact. 

    And when you're up and running, check out our Genshin Impact code page to see if you can claim any free goodies and our Genshin Impact character level list so you can start planning your dream adventure party.

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