How to download Free Fire for PC

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if you download Free Fire No. PC, you will play with other players of PC.

always wanted to try the Free Fire No. PC? We know it's a lot of fun to play mobile FPS titles on a large and widescreen screen as this allows you to have a wider and better view compared to the often small mobile screen.

Today, we will discuss the different ways to download and play Free Fire in its PC. Just to be clear from the start, it's impossible to play Free Fire on PC natively as it is built entirely for mobile devices. But to experience the game, we can count on the help of emulators, which run on PC and perfectly support mobile games.

Let's proceed without delay and take a look at how to download and play Free Fire on PC.

What is an emulator?

The term Emulator defines certain hardware or software that allows copying or simulating a system. In this case, an emulator is software used to run mobile applications on a PC.

How to play Free Fire on PC?

As we said above, to play on PC players will have to use an emulator. So, to guide you on how to play the game, we will use BlueStacks Emulator.

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  • First, download the emulator from BlueStacks website .
  • Choose your PC platform and download accordingly.
  • After downloading it, proceed with installing the software.
  • Open BlueStacks and go to the respective App Stores to download the game.
  • Wait for the game to download and install.
  • There you have successfully installed Free Fire on your PC.

How to configure the game with the emulator?

Each emulator comes with a keyboard mapping feature that allows players to control the character with various preset functions. These roles can also be changed later according to player preferences. In case of BlueStacks, click on the gear icon and go to the control section to modify the settings.

What are some other emulators to test with Free Fire?

There are many other emulators you can try to play Free Fire on PC. We can recommend some of them, but please note that the list is far from complete. Test what suits you best. 

  • LDPlayer
  • Andy
  • memu
  • Nox
  • GenyMotion

How will it work or matchmaking?

As soon as the game detects that the player is on an emulator, it automatically relates to players who are also using one. 

This feature is implemented in the game to maintain a fair match. You may sometimes have to wait a long time to queue up as there are comparatively fewer players using emulators so don't look at them as a way to permanently switch to play Free Fire No. PC.

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