How to do the low kick in FIFA 22 to score more goals and fulfill the challenges objectives

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It's one of the questions that players ask themselves the most, especially at a time when goalkeepers are so tested that they stop absolutely everything.

The main debate in FIFA 22 , or one of them, is the reflexes of the goalkeepers and the saves that are made in each match, making the goal almost impossible. Or very difficult, at least until we get to the point. So, it's time to retrieve an effective method that will surely help you find a goal. We count how the mighty bass shot is made in the EA Sports game.

This is important for the future of your matches and for winning everything you can in Division Rivals or FUT Champions . as well as with regard to the fulfillment of certain Objectives where you are asked to score goals in this way to get experience, coins or free cards for Ultimate Team.

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As with everything in FIFA 22, it is important to make it clear that the effectiveness of a low kick varies with each player. The higher the range and power of the shot, the easier it is for you to find the goal.

Its use can be useful both to score from outside the area and surprise the goalkeeper, and from inside, to hit a whip that neither the goalkeeper nor the defenders have time to respond. 

Power can determine success. It can also be used to launch free kicks. And, if you want to achieve the goals, you can do the trick of making the necessary combination to do the low kick after a deadly pass with an empty goal, as it will count the same as a goal scored like this.

Without further ado, to make a low kick in FIFA 22 you have to press the buttons L1 + R1 nos consoles PlayStation ou LB + RB no Xbox , in addition to the fire button. It will definitely help you win more games and better rewards.

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