How to Delete Games on Nintendo Switch

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Owners of new switches won't have a lot of storage space at first, so here's how to delete games to make room.

Nintendo Switch only offers new users less than 32 Gigabytes of internal storage space to work with. 

While many Nintendo Switch games are small in size, storage will still fill up quickly, and people should invest in a microSD card unless they only plan on playing a few games at a time. To free up space for other games, see how to delete games on nintendo switch .

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Before getting into the step-by-step process of deleting games from Switch system, users should know that if deleted, games on Switch can be easily re-downloaded from Nintendo eShop, they will not go away forever. 

The save data for the game will also remain intact, but players can delete it if they want by accessing the save data in the settings.

How to Delete a Game on Nintendo Switch

on the home screen

The first way to be able to delete a game to make room for other games is by going to the Switch's main home screen. From there, highlight the game that players want to delete. Press the + button to enter options for that specific Switch game .

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From there, click ' manage software ' and then, press 'Delete software' option . This will delete game data. However, people can also choose to transfer their save data to another Switch system or choose to archive the software.

Archiving the game just means it will still be deleted, but the game icon will remain on the Switch home screen for viewing. Pressing the icon will start the game download.

In the trading system settings

Switch owners can also delete a game by going to the settings do  work . Scroll down until Data management and click manage software . 

The screen that appears will show a list of all currently installed games categorized by file size so that players can see the biggest game file at the top. 

By clicking on the game, players can archive or delete the software , just like on the Switch home screen. And that's all for delete games on Nintendo Switch .

Nintendo Switch , Switch Lite and Switch OLED model are now available.

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