How to defeat the Great Wroggi in Monster Hunter Rise

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In Monster Hunter Rise, the Great Wroggi is sure to hamper you with its venom. Check out our guide on how to overcome this new challenge.

O Great Wroggi is finally back in Monster hunter rise . Compared to the other monsters, he's an absolute calamity - but the confrontation involves something you need to master to continue your progression: poison and how to cure it.


  • Difficulty : 1 star
  • Areas : shrine ruins, flooded forest, lava caves
  • Monsters' Afflictions : Poison
  • elemental weaknesses : ice, water
  • elemental resistances : Fire, Dragon, Thunder
  • Weakness to afflictions : Sleep, Paralysis, Blast, Ice Wastes
  • resistance to afflictions : poison


  • special consumables : Herb Powder

We advise you to carry antidotes for this fight, and there should be some in the camp supply box. Better would be to use Herbal Powder. You can craft them in the “Crafting” tab by combining an Antidote with a Blue Mushroom.

Herbal Powder has many advantages over the Antidote – instead of having to drink it for a long time before it takes effect, the result is instantaneous, as well as restoring health as a bonus.

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This could mean the difference between life and death if you are poisoned and still alive! 

Lute contra or Grande Wroggi

If you've defeated the Great Izuchi and haven't forgotten about the Herbal Powders, this fight should be relatively easy.

Aim for the head and avoid attacking the monster when it faces you, as it loves to blow clouds of poison. It's best to attack him from the flanks or back when he's looking away. You can also clear out the smaller Wroggis in the area if you want to stand alone against the boss.

In melee, the Great Wroggi will launch hip and tail strikes and lunge at you. Dodge to the sides and remember to heal when needed. Don't expect too much, because a poison, stun, and attack combo can be deadly.

Aim for the Great Wroggi's head whenever possible to inflict maximum damage, with a chance of knocking him down.

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