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    How to defeat Lucian in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

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    Lucian was the only member of the Elite Four to receive the memo!

    Lucian is the only member of the Elite Four who bothered to pay attention to the rules and bring in a full Psychic team. The Dark and Ghost Type moves will serve well for the fight, but his team can still be tough to fight. The main obstacles between him and the champion for the player will be his Alakazam and Medicham.

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    Lucian's team

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    • Mr mime lvl 59 – As a Pyschic / Fairy Type, Dark moves will be neutral against this Pokémon. With his high speed and special attack, Mr. Mime presents itself as a powerful threat when using Pyschic ou Dazzling gleam . Filter , its ability, reduces damage from super-effective moves by 25 percent, so hitting it with a ghost-type move isn't always going to be the best option. It has light clay that makes your Light Screen e Reflect last eight laps instead of five.
    • Girafarig Lvl 59 – Because of its Normal Typing, this Pokémon is immune to Ghost-Type moves. It has Sap Sipper which absorbs Grass-type moves to increase its Attack, but there should be no reason to use Grass moves during battle. It will try to configure Trick Room, which may be good for Lucian's Bronzong, but terrible for his Alakazam. It won't hit as hard with your Psychic ou Thunderbolt like Mr. Mime, but it will be hard to take down if the screens are active.
    • Alakazam lvl 60 – With the skill Magic Guard , Alakazam takes advantage of its increased damage from Life Orb without suffering recoil. Status ailments like Burn and Poison will also not damage him. He will try to increase his Special Attack with Nasty Conspiracy, so it's better to eliminate it as soon as possible. It has very low defense but very high speed, making it Lucian's most powerful threat if his stats are increased.
    • Medicham Lvl 60 – This Pokémon is a fully offensive threat that has two STAB moves in Zen headbutt e High Jump Kick and two hedging moves in Thunder punch e Ice punch . Medicham is fragile, but Light Screen and Reflect will likely still be active when players get to them. It's weak to Ghost- and Flying-type moves, which are pretty common TMs that players can teach most Pokémon.
    • Bronzong Lvl 63 – Immune to Ground-type moves, Bronzong will try to take advantage of the Trick Room or set it to move first in battle. It has high defense and special defense and high power base moves in earthquake e gyroscope . The faster the player's Pokémon reaches the Bronzong, this will determine the power of the Gyro Ball, maxing out at 150 Base Power if the opposing Pokémon has more than five times its speed.
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