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    How to complete the Cold War Excision Outbreak Easter Egg Zombie Operation

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    Operation Excision is the second main mission, Outbreak Easter Egg, and the community Black Ops Cold War Zombies already solved it.

    Season 4 of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is finally here, giving Zombies fans another easter egg to control in Outbreak.

    The 4th season of Black Ops Cold War brought new weapons such as MG 82 e C58 , Battle Pass levels and even a new easter egg Zombies in mode Outbreak.

    After players completed the first easter egg, Treyarch decided to proceed, with this second quest leading to the new classic survival map, Wall of the Dead , and serving as a prologue to the story of the new map.

    Just yesterday, Treyarch tweeted that the Outbreak Excision mission was live on Black Ops Cold War season 4 and, as always, the dedicated zombie community was sure of it.

    Less than 24 hours later, players had already completed the easter egg, gaining access to the cut scene, which, of course, progressed the Cold War Zombies story even further to Wall of the Dead .

    Cold War zombie outbreak easter egg

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    According to popular Zombies content creator MrRoflWaffles, this second Outbreak easter egg is "much more straightforward" than the first and "doesn't end in a boss fight", so let's get down to business.

    1. Go to world level 3.
    2. Once there, find a red portal that spawns in several locations:
      • Ruka: Far left side of the map in the little house
      • Alpine: Bottom of the map, just below a small cliff
      • Duga: upper side of the map, in the bunker where the crafting bench is
      • Zoo: bottom right of the map in a small hole inside the large animal enclosure
      • Golova: Bottom of the map, inside the Church, go up the ladder, and she's in a room on the top floor
    1. When you find it, jump on it and you'll be teleported to the top of the map, where you'll have to locate another red portal to dive. You will need to repeat this three times.
    2. In the third one, you will be teleported above the map again, but this time an item will appear with you. Follow it and get it.
    3. Finish your main mission objective on world level 3 and go to where the anomaly appeared and appeared in the lighthouse.
    4. Use the lighthouse to talk to Ravenov, then use the lighthouse again to teleport to Sanitorium.
    1. Once you're there, run to the lower left crash site, take out the zombies, and interact with the radio hanging from the helicopter.
    2. Next, you need to find the ethereal orb around the map, which can be found by listening to the audio.
    3. Once you find it, shoot towards the bridge on the map. Keep doing this until you stop at the bridge.
    4. Next, you need to find a bunny toy which is found in a broken and inactive mystery box. Once you find him, interact with him and defeat the zombies that will spawn. It will return to the ground after you defend it. Pick it up and place it on the cart where the orb landed on the bridge.
    1. You will then start an escort stage where everyone in the game will have to walk with him and protect him. Escort him until he stops and the zombies are gone, run into the building in front of where he left off and interact with the radio inside.
    2. This will activate an exfil, run to it, complete it, but there will be an Orda boss on the way.
    3. Once completed, hop on the helicopter and you're done. Mission complete!

    The Excision Operation Cold War Outbreak Zombies Easter Egg continues the story developed in the first mission of the popular Zombies game mode that was added to the first-person shooter in Season 3.

    There's no doubt the community is more excited than ever to jump into Mauer der Toten this July and see where the Cold War Zombie Easter Egg story continues.

    Image credits: Activision / Treyarch

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