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    How to complete season 5 Fortnite week 7 missions

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    Everything you need to complete the 5th week of the Fortnite.

    Week 5 quests continue to focus on the fight between the Imagined Order and the alien invaders, so you'll be damaging some IO guards before turning the tables to exterminate the alien pilots as well. 

    these missions Fortnite will see you visiting satellite stations or Corny complex to destroy equipment and open an IO box, as well as dealing damage with weapons of any faction.

    The Legendary Quests Fortnite week 5 have a new storyline centered on Sunny, where she intercepted a radio transmission from Mari and welcomed new visitors to Holly Hatchery. 

    There is also a new character (or are they characters?) to meet in Fortnite and a brain worm to trap in your head, so if you need help solving everything before the deadline, then our complete guide to the quests Fortnite week 5 will set you on the right path.

    Season 5 Week 7 Quests

    • Destroy computer equipment at satellite stations or Corny Complex (3)
    • Stage 1 of 3: Damage IO Protectors (250)
    • Stage 2 of 3: Eliminate Invaders (2)
    • Stage 3 of 3: Deal damage with IO or Alien weapons (500)
    • Stage 1 of 3: Drop in loot supply (2)
    • Stage 2 of 3: Damage a disk with a pilot inside (800)
    • Stage 3 of 3: Open an IO chest at a Satellite Station or Corny Complex (1)

    If you're looking for advice on how to complete all these tasks, we've got you covered with our guide to Season 5 Fortnite Week 7 missions:

    Destroy computer equipment at satellite stations or Corny Complex

    There are seven Fortnite satellite stations around the island, plus the Corny Complex northeast of downtown, and all you have to do is get into any of them and destroy some computer equipment.

    Damage IO protectors

    You will find Fortnite IO Guards in various locations, such as the aforementioned satellite stations, so prepare for combat and fight them until you hit the desired amount of damage.

    Eliminate invaders

    Fortnite Trespassers are found as soon as you shoot down a puck and they get out of the damaged vehicle, and they're well-armed, so get ready to deal with them quickly.

    Deal damage with IO or Alien weapons

    IO weapons are Fortnite tech weapons, which can be found in chests at satellite stations, while alien weapons can be collected by eliminating alien NPCs, and you can also use crafting Fortnite to do any of them.

    Loot supply drops

    Dropped items appear in most game modes, but the easiest to loot them is Team Rumble, as many of them drop at once and you're fighting fewer enemies for them.

    Damage a disc with a pilot inside

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    For this task, you need to target the OVNIs Fortnite that are being piloted, either by NPCs or other players, then the easiest way is to head to one of the named locations highlighted in purple on the map, where you'll find several of them patrolling the skies.

    Open an IO chest at a Satellite Station or Corny Complex

    Inside the buildings at each of the satellite stations or Corny Complex you will find long IO chests, and you only need to open one of them.

    Fortnite, week 5, legendary quests, season 7

    • Stage 1 of 6: Receive Slone orders from a payphone (1)
    • Stage 2 of 6: Interact with a CB radio (1)
    • Stage 3 of 6: Place Welcome Gifts on Holly Hatchery (2)
    • Stage 4 of 6: Deploy Alien Nanites (1)
    • Step 5 of 6: Dance near Zyg and Choppy (1)
    • Step 6 of 6: Get infected by an alien parasite and talk to Sunny (1)

    Legendary Quests go live every Wednesday and you only have seven days to complete them – which means you have until Wednesday, July 14th to beat all Legendary Quests in Fortnite Week 5:

    Receive Slone orders from a payphone

    This initial legendary quest is becoming standard for this season, so grab one of the Fortnite payphones and listen to Slone's message. html

    Interact with a CB radio

    There are several Fortnite CB radios dotted around Believer Beach, so tune in to one to hear Mari's broadcast.

    Place welcome gifts at Holly Hatchery

    Holly Hatchery is the new name for Holly Hedges, and you've got plenty of options out on the streets to place Fortnite welcome gifts.

    Source: Epic Games

    Deploy Alien Nanites

    Fortnite Alien Nanites can be found above Fortnite Abductors or in the loot rooms of Fortnite Mothership , but if none of them are available, they also appear as random loot on the ground, so keep an eye out for glowing cubes and throw one to create an alien biome.

    Dance near Zyg and Choppy

    You will find Fortnite Zyg e choppy inside the main building of Hydro 16, east of Slurpy Swamp. As long as you don't attack them, they won't turn hostile, so this should give you time to dance around a bit.

    Get infected by an Alien Parasite and talk to Sunny

    You can get infected by a Fortnite alien parasite by hunting an infected animal or visiting a location like Hydro 16 where there are eggs ready to hatch. Once infected, head to Believer Beach and talk to Sunny to end this week's Legendary Quests.

    Image credit: epic Games

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