How to catch Shiny Shieldon and Cranidos in the first Ultra Unlock event

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Shiny Shieldon and Cranidos are making their Pokémon GO debut. See how to catch them

You'll want to know how to catch a Shiny Shieldon or Cranidos in PokĂ©mon GO when they make their first debut as part of the event PokĂ©mon GO Ultra Unlocks Part 1. Shieldon and Cranidos, the PokĂ©mon fossils from the Sinnoh region, will have their rare variants starting to appear from July 23rd. 

Like other events in the past where Shiny PokĂ©mon debuted, players will have multiple ways and chances to encounter these rare PokĂ©mon. These events also proved that the rate at which Trainers encounter Shiny PokĂ©mon is increased for a limited time, giving players more incentive to go out and find a Shieldon and Cranidos. 

Here's everything players need to know about PokĂ©mon GO shiny Shieldon and Cranidos and how to capture them. 

How to catch Shiny Shieldon and Cranidos in Pokémon GO

Finding Shiny PokĂ©mon in PokĂ©mon GO is very rare. The community-driven PokĂ©mon GO database, The Silph Road, found that the rate of encountering a Shiny PokĂ©mon is approximately 1 in 500. This rate increases during specific events such as Community Days. 

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So what does this mean for Shiny Shieldon and Cranidos? According to The Silph Road's findings, a "medium event" like Ultra Unlock Part 1 will increase PokĂ©mon Spotlight's Shiny rate to 1 in 125. Upon completion of the event, the rate will return to 1 in 500 for Shieldon and Cranidos , then this will be the best time to find the two rare Pokemon.  

Fortunately, Niantic is making Shieldon and Cranidos available to capture in a variety of ways… 

1. Find them in nature

Cranidos and Shieldon will appear more often in the wild alongside other fossils and man-made Pokemon like Omanyte, Kabuto, Porygon, Baltoy, and more. 

Trainers will see Cranidos and Shieldon appear in the game's overworld by simply launching PokĂ©mon GO. When one is found, just tap the Pokemon and see if it's a Shiny. 

Trainers can increase the number of PokĂ©mon they encounter by using an incense to lure Cranidos and Shieldon, among others, to them. 

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