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    How to be a good teammate in Valorant

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    Getting to the top is not always enough in Valorant. If you want to start earning more, you have to be a good teammate. Here are some tips to help you be a better contributor.

    If you've been looking for the next game to sink all your free time into, you may have noticed that your interest has been piqued by Riot Games' new team-based tactical shooter Valorant. 

    If you're more than just interested and you've played a few unrated games, the adjustment might be awkward (unless you have a history of Rainbow Six Siege or Counter Strike Global Offensive).

    Despite the unique cast of heroes and abilities, this game is very different from other team-based shooters like Overwatch. If you're dying a lot, or are just looking for some tips to complete your game, look no further.

    1. economy

    In the purchase menu, you will notice that there are three options below your player icon: 'Let's buy', 'I have extra credits' and 'Let's save'. Econ, short for economy, choices are just as important as mid-game decision making. 

    As each round goes by, you'll earn some money to spend on kills, planting/defusing bombs, and winning rounds. Cash flow opens up your options from a variety of pistols to the more expensive power guns in the later game.

    If you die, you'll lose everything except your abilities, and you'll be forced to redraw after each subsequent death. If you don't spend wisely, you'll end up not having enough money for a ghost unless you beg your teammates to part with some of your hard-earned credits. 

    Each round is different and your team's choice of weapons will dictate how you spend. If they're saving, there's a good chance you are too. Saving money and losing tactics is better than losing a round and starting the next one with even less savings. Even if you enter a round with nothing more than your starting pistol, your skills and a light shield, you can still exit with the enemy team's own vandals to torment them in the next rounds. 

    There are other occasions when you'll find yourself facing a 5v1 as the bomb timer slowly slows down, and saving up to live one more round while keeping your hard-won weapons might hurt your pride, but it won't hurt your economy. 

    Knowing when a round has already been lost is just as important as knowing when you can risk a round to buy better weapons later. The goal is to buy together with your team. If you buy a vandal, but all your mates save up and buy pistols, that could end up being wasted money.

    2. Just change walks… Please.

    *playing valorant

    me: please shift walk you’re being loud

    my teammates:

    — halil (@astateofhalil) June 21, 2020

    Whether on offense or defense, you don't want to reveal your position unless absolutely necessary. If you're used to making noise, you'll find those Phoenixes and Breaches hitting you hard and sending you out to watch the rest of the round. When flanking on defense, or midway through a full rotation to plant in B, knowing when to stay still and when to step is important. 

    It's slower, so turning to disable the point on the opposite side can make walking impossible, but always keep that in mind. There are times when making noise is to your advantage, but that's for another guide. For now, being patient and keeping your plans hidden is the best move in Valorant. This will calm your steps and not give you away. 

    There's no shorter way to incur the ire of your teammates than stepping into the same aisle they're carefully flanking. If you want to stomp hard, go it alone and try to create a wrong direction, drawing the enemy team's eyes to the source of the noise, because they will illuminate you if you blink across the map without thinking or caring about the world.

    3. Pre-aim your shots, know your points and go straight for the head

    Much of Valorant's gameplay revolves around how well you know the map you're on and know where and when the enemy team will choose to attack. 

    Aim reigns supreme in this game and you'll need to have your aim trained at "head level" to make it easier to get out of those 3-to-1 combos. Headshots are killer in this game, with more than a few weapons capable of shooting you through a shield.

    Don't forget, aiming in Valorant is very different from COD and Battlefield. Running and shooting like a young Arnold Schwarzenegger will get you eliminated most of the time unless you grab the shotguns from the buy menu. 

    Your aim will be drastically affected, so stay put. Related 7 tips to improve your marksmanship in ValorantRead the story

    4. Know your hero before playing a game

    Try to spend some time at halftime before falling into an unranked game. Matches in valorant last 30-40 minutes and can feel even slower if you don't know what each of your hero's abilities do, let alone what binding they are mapped to. 

    There isn't as much time between rounds as you think. Taking to the field will give you the chance to experience each hero's uniqueness and unlock what their kits can do. Range is your friend!

    5. Learn a hero pool!

    What's worse than joining a game without knowing your hero? Getting into a game with that hero you know being installed, and then having to play someone else with no training or knowledge. For the sake of you and your team, learn some heroes.

    The squad has a variety of classes, such as early Duelists, backline Sentinels, Initiators that help your team push, and controllers that block line of sight and help your team make plays. 

    The more heroes you know, the more versatile you are. Learning each hero will also give you an idea of ​​how the enemy might play them, and all the perks you can get help.

    6. Find your weapon of choice

    Just like you need to find your favorite hero, you need to find a suitable weapon to go with him. The Operator and its one-shot potential come with a heady point price of 4500, so you'll need alternatives while increasing your economy. 

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    You'll likely need to decide between the game's two 2900-point assault rifles such as the high powered Vandal or the silenced Phantom with a higher rate of fire to get where you need to be. 

    You'll go to the start of each round with 800 points and a dream, so find your favorite weapon too! You will find that even the worst can find a niche in their game.

    7. Stay on point

    Be patient on defense. As tedious as it can be at times, it's the attackers who need to walk willingly into the enemy's view, not the defenders. 

    Generally, you'll want to split your team into two (three groups for maps with three sites) and keep choke points based on each hero's strengths or how the game played out. Aggressively spinning and stalking can sometimes pay off, but defenders have an inherent advantage in Valorant. Don't throw it away.

    8. Watch the clock

    Keep track of the clock every round, you'll find it is as useful as your map. Once the bomb is planted, use it to gauge how cautious you should be, or how long you'll need to plant the bomb in the rounds up to the wire. 

    Here is the crucial information to know. It takes 4 seconds to plant the bomb in Valuing and 45 seconds for the bomb to explode. It takes 7 seconds to defuse the bomb, and in 3,5 seconds you'll reach a checkpoint so you can stop to defend yourself, leaving you, or someone else, to catch him already half-unarmed.

    9. Don't Trust Your Shooting Skills

    Use your skills to prepare plays in advance, not on the spot. Sure, a quick grenade or stun can turn the tide for you in a fight, but you're more likely to simply get killed with no chance to react once you've selected your skill. 

    Picking your moments is hard, so knowing the cast time of your personal abilities helps, but having your primary weapon selected instead of Omen's teleport helps more.

    10. Teamwork makes the dream work

    Make plays with your teammates and don't be afraid to combine skills. Each role in Valorant thrives in different situations. Use the heroes' strengths as much as your own. Sage's revive ability isn't very good if Sage is still the first to die.

    Characters like Reyna, Breach, and Phoenix can flashbang the enemy and create perfect situations to get through chokepoints that would otherwise go bad. Combining Sage's slow skill with Raze's grenade can dispatch an overexcited defender in search of a pickaxe. 

    Trading is important in Valorant, especially when you have numbers. Whether it's with a mic, team chat, or minimap ping. Communicate with your team. A well-coordinated team will come out on top most of the time in value. 

    Move forward together so that if you or your teammate die, it will be worth it and another teammate can clear whoever took you away. If you're above killing, trading is just as valid as planting the bomb or waiting for the attackers.

    11. Walking with your knife is faster

    As with CS:GO, there's not much to explain here. If you're spinning or running through the back row to hit someone at the bomb site, grab your knife. Just place it at a reasonable distance before you get to the point.

    12. Clean area!

    If you are defending the bomb while time is slowly ticking, the tick will speed up, giving you a chance to clear the area. Unless someone is already in the midst of deactivating it, they won't have time to finish it until then. 

    Economy is important in Valorant and sometimes keeping a Vandal and its heavy shield takes priority. On the other hand, if you're defending and you think there's no chance of getting the disarm, save. Holding good weapons in a losing round is very important to your team. This could lead you to buy a weapon for a player with no money or allow for more flexibility later on.

    13. Turn

    As the round progresses, you'll either be pushed back by attacks and have to defend the bomb site, or you'll be staring down an empty alley while your team casually appears in the destruction feed. Somewhere between these two instances, you will have to make a decision. 

    Will you and the other teammate with you (hope they haven't abandoned you) will go to the other site and help? Or, if it's too early, does one of you wait in case they switch? Accurately measure the risk and reward will come with time, but at this point, you'll start spinning. 

    Sometimes a teleporter will be available, but it usually boils down to running along the back line or carefully stalking through the enemy line, trying to make a high-impact play. Use the map to assess what you can do. 

    If your teammate is holding one side and you are flanking behind, ask him to make some noise and divert all potential eyes from your 3K potentials.

    14. Trick them with teleporters

    Sometimes just the thought of the teleporter can get in the way of an enemy team's strategy. Since the doors don't open right away, you can wait in the room until a teammate can reach another line of sight and begin a pincer attack. 

    Some abilities can go through the door, so use this. For example, Breach's entire kit can go through walls, so combining it with a full pushback if the enemy is caught in the short area B in Bind, aka the Hookah, might be worth it. worth it if the enemy is not prepared. 

    Dropping a weapon or casting a skill via the teleporter will also make a sound, but at a slightly different frequency. Use this to your advantage and try to distract the enemy while your team pushes them away.

    15. Look at your map

    Your minimap is great! Use the. It will show you where your team plans to go if they also use the minimap. The map shows when skills were used, when people run and when they shoot. 

    It will even show which hero is announcing its presence to the world and burn a grayish black color when Omen uses his ultimate. In a game like Valorant, where getting into a situation with as much information as possible beforehand is critical, the minimap is your guide.Save Share

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