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    How to add friends in Valorant

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    All over the world, players are excited about Valorant's closed beta. But playing alone isn't always fun.

    Often playing with your friends can make matches a lot easier, as teamwork is very important in any tactical first-person shooter, and that includes Valorant. Playing with a pre-set squad frequently can help your team build synergy and communication. But adding friends in Riot's new shooter can be a little confusing. That's why we at Valorant Spain will give you a little help.

    After logging into the game, click on the plus sign in the lower right corner of the screen. A submenu should appear, as shown in the image below, asking you to enter a Riot ID and Tagline. In order for the request to be submitted, players need to put the proper ID on the left and the Tagline number (without the hashtag symbol) on the right.

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    Playback: Screenshot via Riot Games

    For players who don't know what their Riot ID and Tagline is, visit your account page on the Riot website. You can click the ID tab to see your Riot ID and Tagline, as well as make changes.

    If you're still having trouble adding a friend to Valorant, if you're a League of Legends player, you can log into the League of Legends client and add a friend there. When you next log in to VALORANT , you will see your new friend appear in your friends list.

    Still have a question about how to add a friend in Valorant? Leave it in the comments so we can help you!

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