How much do Twitch streamers make? Money from subscribers, sponsors, donations, more

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One of the perks of becoming a successful streamer is the ability to earn money. We are here to help you find out how much Twitch streamers make and how to make money on your own. 

Making money is a big perk of being a Twitch streamer. Having an income allows you to easily invest in your broadcast setup and quality to provide better production value for your viewers, potentially bringing in even more money.

While it's a lot of work to build a community and even more work to get them to want to sign up for you on a monthly basis, you can quickly reach the goals you need to start making money on the platform.

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Once you've completed all of the goals, you'll receive this email if Twitch decides you're eligible to be a partner.

How do Twitch streamers make money?

To start earning money on Twitch, you must reach the goals provided by the platform to become 'Affiliate' and then 'Partner'. Here are the requirements for each monetization level:


  • 500 minutes not total
  • seven unique days
  • Three simultaneous viewers


  • 25 hours in total
  • 12 unique days
  • 75 simultaneous viewers

The goals in both levels are the minimum requirements to reach them, so you can beat all the options without worry.

As an Affiliate or Partner, you can earn money from Twitch Bits and subscriptions, with the added bonus of ad revenue for Partners.

Here are some alternative ways to make money while streaming:

  • External Donations – StreamLabs offers a monthly recurring option on their donations page.
  • Sponsorships – Companies seek out influential creators and pay them to promote the company.
  • Other Platforms – Creators have the option to diversify their content and offer unique content on sites like Fanhouse or Patreon.
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How much do streamers earn?

Twitch streamers earnings depend on how many viewers they have per stream, how many subscribers and how many donate. Subscriptions cost the viewer $4,99 USD, however, the streamer only gets half of that.

Here are some examples of how much you could potentially earn from signups:

  • 100 subscribers – $250
  • 500 Subscribers – $1.250
  • 1.000 Subscribers – $2.500

Streamers can also receive donations in the form of bits, with 1 bit = 1 cent. Here are some examples of how much you can earn if you receive donations in bits:

  • 100 bits – $ 1,00
  • 500 bits – $ 5,00
  • 1000 bits – $ 10,00

Who are the richest Twitch streamers?

With the help of a recent Twitch streamer revenue leak, we have a rough idea of ​​how much the top streamers on the platform have made since September 2019.

Twitter: CriticalRole

Critical Role's passionate voice actors are at the top of the list.

Here are 10 of the richest platform builders:

  • Critical Function – $9.626.712,16
  • xQc – $8.454.427,17
  • Summit1g – $ 5.847.541,17
  • Tfue - $ 5.295.582,44
  • NICKMERCS – $ 5.096.642,12
  • Ludwig – $ 3.290.777,55
  • TimTheTatman – $ 3.290.133,32
  • Altar - $ 3.053.839,94
  • Auronplay – $ 3.053.341,54
  • Lyrics - $ 2.984.653,70

The 10 richest streamers on the platform are dominated by male creators, with Pokimane and Amouranth trailing at 39 and 48, respectively. This puts Twitch's two biggest multi-million dollar women's tapes behind the biggest men's tapes.

If you're looking for a cash bonus doing something you love, Twitch can provide that for sure. However, getting to the financial level of someone like xQc can take years to achieve.

Sit back, have fun and enjoy the community you can create.

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