How does Valorant Battlepass work?

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Like other Battlepass systems, Battlepass Valorant basically rewards players with cosmetic items. It's a premium reward system that you have to pay to gain access to, but it's not meant to be paid to win. 

Valorant's Battlepass system is broken down into acts. Each act lasts two months, just like the Battlepass. 

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Battlepass has 50 levels with free and Premium paths available. You progress along these paths based on the experience points (XP) you earn from completing quests and playing matches. 

Valorant Battlepass consists of 10 chapters and you can play it for free, but you will not get the Premium tier items when doing so. 

The types of things you can unlock as you play include weapon skins, player cards, sprays, weapon companions, and more. You will unlock more items by paying for the Premium Battlepass, but you won't have any extra advantage over the enemy. 

Find out more about Valorant Battlepass here. 

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