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    How do you configure Valorant for more performance? Maximize your FPS!

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    Every second and every action in Valorant makes a world of difference. Get the most out of your PC and run to the best of your abilities with our definitive setup guide, which shows you what the pros use and how you can improve performance.

    Whether you're playing from a high-end gaming platform or booting from an old-fashioned PC, Valorant can run smoothly on a wide range of hardware.

    Designed from the ground up with accessibility in mind, Riot put the emphasis on tight gameplay as opposed to GPU-boosting visuals.

    Whether you're just starting out or looking to get the most out of your experience with Valuing, here's a full breakdown of each game's settings and the best ones for boosting performance.

    Riot Games

    Every decision in the game is vital, as are every decision in Valorant settings.

    Best General Valorant settings

    Your Valorant general settings screen doesn't have many useful settings that you'll change often. There are some good things – like colorblind options (Deuteranopia is popular, even for non-colorblind players) – but it's mostly for all the extras and doesn't affect performance.

    There are also some privacy settings, the option to change your view model from left to right (First Personal Handedness) and chat settings. Choose what's comfortable for you here – nothing really affects performance.

    mouse sensitivity

    If you want to click heads in Valorant, you'll need to find the perfect mouse sensitivity. This setting is not final: it will likely evolve and change as you play, and you will need to adjust it to suit yourself.

    However, as a general rule of thumb, most players aim for a relatively low base sensitivity, as well as keeping a 1x multiplier between regular and scoped sensitivity. Low sensitivity gives you more control over your aim, while high sensitivity allows you to accelerate faster.

    Riot Games

    If you want more accurate aiming, lower mouse sensitivity is the way to go in Valorant.

    Mini map

    The minimap settings are also heavily dependent on your personal preference in Valorant. However, there are some useful little options.

    Setting your map to rotate helps you orient yourself no matter where you are. You should also try and make sure your zoom isn't so much that you can't see the entire minimap at once. The map should also be a comfortable size for you.

    Cones of vision and map region name settings are very useful for new players, but if you're experienced and know your calls and limits, you can turn them off to reduce clutter.

    Riot Games

    The minimap should be scalable so you can easily gather new information at a glance.

    Value settings of the best controls

    Basically, you can customize any of your controls in Valorant's settings. Movement, communication - even how you fire your weapon (use mouse buttons for this one unless it's 100% necessary) - can all be changed.

    That said, there are a few settings that most people will change based on comfort. We list below:

    • Default Movement Mode (Walk/Run): Valorant's default setting for this is to run, before using your alternate movement key (default is Shift) to walk. You can switch this to walking if you're more comfortable with a sprint key instead of a walk key.
    • Toggle Walk (On/Off): This setting is off by default, but if you prefer to just press and forget instead of holding down the walk key, you can turn it on.
    • Crouch Toggle (On/Off): Same goes for crouch - you can choose to toggle if you wish. Most players prefer to disable the toggle for both.
    • Aim Down (Hold / Toggle): Depending on your FPS experience, you may prefer to hold or toggle when doing ADS. Hold is the most popular option.
    • Sniper Rifle Aim (Hold/Toggle): The same goes for the Sniper Rifle scope, but this one is more 50-50 and lowered according to personal preference. If you choose Keep, the next two options will be disabled by default.
    • Operator Zoom (Cycle / Toggle): If you want to zoom in on your Operator, you can toggle (by right-clicking) or toggle (a right-click before taking your scope).
    • Auto Reinsert Scope (On/Off): This should always be off, as redoing the scope after firing when unintentionally can cost you your life. We're flagging this because it's a setting that most people ignore.
    • Cycle to next/previous weapon (up/down on scroll wheel): This is a contentious option because sometimes you accidentally scroll in a fight and suddenly you have your classic and not your thug. Some players tend to scroll down to jump too, so if you feel comfortable, it's worth unlinking them all and just using the numbers to switch weapons.
    Riot Games

    You can customize how your weapons work in Valorant.

    Crosshair Valorant best settings

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    Just like its sensitivity and controls, crosshairs are entirely up to you in Valorant. Some players like big crosses, while others opt for small points. The crosshair builder in Valorant offers an unlimited range of options.

    However, there are some general rules for aiming, regardless of your style. Turning off motion and triggering error will make your aim static and less distracting, and is very advisable. You'll also want a high-contrast color like green, red, or yellow — but a black outline helps too. Other than that, it's up to you!

    You can also save other people's crosshairs, so if you find one that you think will work for you – as one of the targets of professionals â€“ experiments!

    Riot Games

    There are almost limitless options in Valorant's crosshair creator.

    Best Valorant Video Settings


    Your overall video settings in Valorant go beyond the limits of FPS and also the game's resolution. You can limit your FPS if the system has trouble running the game, but it's not necessary.

    You can also choose to change your resolution (4:3 resolutions are very popular), but unlike other FPS titles like Counter-Strike, it doesn't offer any inherent competitive advantage.

    • Resolution: Set to native
    • Display mode: full screen
    Riot Games

    Make sure you play full screen to maximize your FPS.

    graphic quality

    If you really want to improve your Valorant performance, these are the settings that matter most. Adjusting the graphics quality will make things clearer – with less visual clutter – and will also improve your FPS.

    Material Quality and Detail Quality should always be set to Low for maximum performance, and the same goes for VSync turned off to stop input lag. The rest can be tweaked to your liking, although it's best to turn off most of the final settings to reduce clutter.

    • Multithread Rendering: On
    • Material quality: Low
    • Texture quality: medium
    • Detail Quality: Low
    • UI Quality: Medium
    • Vignette: Off
    • VSync: Off
    • Anti-Aliasing: MSAA 2x
    • Anisotropic filtering: 4x
    • Improve clarity: off
    • Experimental Sharpening: On
    • Bloom: Off
    • Distortion: off
    • Cast Shadows: Off

    Be sure to follow these Valorant video settings for optimal performance.


    There are a plethora of stat settings in Valorant that can help you understand how your PC is holding up during gameplay. They are very discreet, so you can enable them if you want. Enabling FPS, tick rate, frame time and network stats is a good idea, but the rest is personal preference.

    Best Audio Valorant settings

    Audio settings are something you usually don't need to touch in Valorant. You just need to make sure you're loud enough to hear what you're supposed to hear, without hurting your ears.

    There are a few settings that should be enabled: Stereo audio means you'll get directional audio cues, while enabling HRTF will fine-tune just where those position cues are. The rest is up to you.

    Voice chat

    Voice Chat audio settings in Valuing can control where your audio goes (make sure it's going through the correct speaker), and it will also determine the sound of your allies when they use in-game chat.

    You can also choose to turn it off if you're concerned about toxicity, however keep in mind that communication is key to winning any game of Valorant!

    Voice Over

    The settings of Voice Over No. Valuing deserve a special mention, you can adjust the ambient sounds you hear like the voice lines of the Agent, or even the Announcer. If you don't like all the beeps, you can turn them off, but they're especially useful for hearing callouts, definitive sounds, and even general information.

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