Hot Wheels is planning a partnership with Forza Horizon this year

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The car model firm Hot Wheels should launch a new collaboration with the Forza Horizon this year.

This is according to the publication Hot Wheels T-Hunted, which states that the new models will be released in September and include the Mercedes-Benz A-Classthe Corvette C7.R and the 911 porch.

While the new product is not necessarily indicative of a new game release, it has been reported that a new edition Horizon could be released this year, set not mexico (which would also match the desert background in the new packaging Hot Wheels).

A Hot Wheels also launched models previous years to mark the launch of the Forza Horizon 4 As well as editions generic of Forza Motorsport in 2016 and 2017, close to the release of the last sim game.

The games Forza Horizon also presented vehicles Hot Wheels and DLC and in a major expansion to Forza Horizon 3.

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Forza Horizon 4, which takes place in United Kingdom, is the latest Forza game released in 2018. A 2021 release for Horizon 5 would break the series' normal routine of switching between games Forza Motorsport e Forza Horizon.

Last month, the studio Force Turn10 sent out the first round of test play invitations for the Forza Motorsport 8 while the game entered a “new phase of development”.

Forza Motorsport to  Xbox Series X  it was announced last summer and described as "a reimagining" of the series. At the time, the creative director of Turn10,  Dan greenawalt, told Xbox .com that the game was in early development.

“We are taking what made the Forza Motorsport excellent over the last 15 years and combining it with new game concepts and new technologies,” he explained.

"Like New Forza Motorsport, the ray tracing is reaching the ForzaTech, you will see a dynamic world in 4K, 60fps, connected and dynamic, from car surfaces reflecting off each other to bright red paint reflecting off of intensely detailed track surfaces, and the interplay of light and shadow across the world. ”

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