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    Horizon Forbidden West: Sony debuts 14 minutes of gameplay

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    Source: PlayStation

    A Sony and Guerrilla Games gave gamers their first proper glimpse of the game's in-game footage. Horizon forbidden west .

    a new presentation State of Play broadcast today showed 14 minutes of the game in action.

    The footage shows some of the new moves of Aloy, including the ability to use a new grappling hook and shield glider, as well as a diving mask that lets her stay underwater for as long as she wants.

    Players can also replace some of the in-game machines and assemble them for faster travel or combat.

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    However, the video does not mention a release date. THE Guerrilla announced Horizon: Forbidden West para PS5 in June 2020, before the planned release for 2021 . The game was also confirmado posteriori para o PS4 .

    Before the sequel announcement, VGC revealed that PlayStation and Guerrilla are planning a trilogy Horizon Zero Dawn .

    Horizon forbidden west began development shortly after the successful launch of the first game and was originally planned for PS4 before the focus shifted to Sony's next-gen console, sources at Sony said. VGC.

    The sequel has the protagonist Aloy exploring the new frontier, which stretches from Utah, our USA, until the Pacific Ocean, in the west. According to the Guerrilla, players will explore deserts, valleys and ruined cities filled with iconic monuments.

    Horizon forbidden west will feature “dozens” of new machines, as well as peaceful and hostile tribes. As revealed in the debut trailer for Horizon 2 , one of these tribes figured out how to bypass the machines and use them in combat.

    A red plague is also infecting the lands of Forbidden Westsmothering wildlife and hungry tribes as the weather spirals out of control.

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