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To fully upgrade Knight's Nail in Hollow Knight, you will need to acquire a total of 6 Pale Ore, which can be a little more challenging than it sounds.

The minimalistic nature of some games lends the entire title to a beautiful simplicity that players can experience and enjoy. While having tons of weapons, characters, and special powers often benefits an action-adventure game, sometimes having a few of each with just the right amount of detail can engage players equally, if not more.

Hollow Knight by indie developer Team Cherry is basically the latter type of game. Players who venture out as the eponymous knight will only wield a single weapon for their entire journey, and it's known simply as the knight's nail. One can upgrade Knight's Nail as they progress through the realm of Hallownest and beyond, obtaining Pale Ore from across the map and bringing it to the Nailsmith on the edge of the City of Tears.

Paying the blacksmith with Geo will result in a stronger blade that can help defeat tougher bosses and tougher enemies in the game. To fully upgrade Knight's Nail, you will need to purchase a total of 6 Pale Ore, which can be a little more challenging than it sounds due to the fact that there are only 6 pieces of this feature in the game. Players looking to fully reforge their weapons will need to scour Hallownest and the surrounding areas for these gems.

The Ancient Basin

West of the tram station and main entrance to the area, the Knight will need to proceed to a chamber with 2 Lesser Mawlek enemies to locate the ore.

Defeating the many-toothed demons will allow someone to collect what should be the first piece of Pale Ore the player must find during their journey.

The Resting Grounds

Towards the east of this area, players will find a room similar to a vertical axis that leads upwards. In the upper west part of this shaft-shaped room, players will find the Seer, who will exchange the player's items for Essence.

This ethereal resource can be collected in dreams with the help of the Dream Nail, and the player will need to bring the Seer 300 Essence to exchange for the next piece of Pale Ore.

Crystal peak

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For this next piece of Pale Ore, players will need to climb to the highest part of the map at Crystal Peak. Upon reaching this high altitude location, the Knight will need the help of the Praying Mantis Claws to reach the piece of Pale Ore stuck in a part of the huge statue overlooking the area.

While Monarch Wings and Crystal Heart are not required, they can make the task of recovering this resource a little easier, as they can do while traveling the map in most other areas.


Located at the end of a long walkway in the lower part of the region, this piece of Pale Ore is guarded a little more fiercely than most. In the deepest part of Deepnest, there is a breakable wall located at the eastern end of the aforementioned passage, beyond which is yet another breakable wall.

After passing through these obstacles, we will arrive at the lair of the slender and scary boss Nosk, who must be defeated to obtain the piece of Pale Ore and some other rewards. Players will need the Monarch Wings and the Crystal Heart to get to this area correctly.

The Forgotten Crossroads

This piece of Pale Ore will require exploring more than combat prowess. However, finding this resource is not all it takes to get it in The Forgotten Crossroads. In the westernmost room of the area, the Knight can meet the Grubfather and learn about the situation his children face.

Grubs that are scattered and trapped around the world can be rescued, which will make the Grubfather immensely grateful. Players will need to find and free 31 of the 46 Grubs in the game before the Grubfather grants the Knight a piece of Pale Ore.

Kingdom's Edge

Although the final part of Pale Ore looks accessible on the map, it is indisputable that it requires more work to acquire of all the resources that can be obtained to upgrade Knight's Nail. In the upper eastern part of Kingdom's Edge, players will find the Colosseum of Fools, where players can test their might for a Geo Sum for rare rewards.

Of all the separate tests, it's only the second that yields a piece of Pale Ore. This one, known as the Trial of the Conquerer, will test the Knight's mettle, launching 17 waves of increasingly powerful enemies at the player. If victorious, one will likely be able to fully reform Knight's Nail to become Hallownest's deadliest warrior.

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