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    Hitman 3: The second elusive target is now live and you can try it for free

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    A corrupt politician? Shocking.

    The last target of Hitman 3 is now available in-game and new players can try it for free through the starter pack of Hitman 3.

    Politics is the second Elusive Target in the game and the last of the Season of Greed. She is in the game now and will be available for players to fight until May 3rd.

    Source: PlayStation

    Players who remember the character in Hitman 2 might be a little confused as to how she is still alive, but it turns out the person you killed earlier was a stuntman. 

    This is worked into the contract itself, as Politics is always accompanied by a stunt double who looks exactly like her but is not the target. Part of the contract will be figuring out which one is real.

    For those new to Hitman, Elusive Targets are timed contracts that the player can only face once before they disappear forever. 

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    That means you have to get it right the first time or you risk missing out on some long-term rewards.

    Fonte: ioi Interactive

    An interesting issue with this Elusive Target is that players who don't own Hitman 3 can actually try it through the game's starter pack. 

    Hawke's Bay, the map on which Politics appears, is part of the starter pack for a limited time, meaning players can attempt their first Elusive Target if they've never purchased the game.

    Politics is the second Elusive Target to hit Hitman 3 since it was originally released in January, with the latest target, The Collector, coming into play earlier in the month. 

    Politics is the final Evasive Target of the Season of Greed, so it's likely we'll learn more about the game's content soon.

    IO Interactive recently announced that it has opened a new studio in Barcelona. The studio will be working on all current and future IO projects, which likely means the next project 007.

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