Hitman 3 Dartmoor Greenhouse Key: How to Enter the Greenhouse

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See how to enter the greenhouse.

The level Dartmoor de Hitman 3 is easily a highlight of the series. You will take on the role of a private investigator and discover the solution to a good old locked room mystery. To do this, you'll need to carefully examine each area of ​​the mansion, including the greenhouse in the back. 

The problem is that the greenhouse is locked, without the key. To help you get to the vital evidence hidden inside the greenhouse, we've detailed exactly how to get inside. We will look at the mysterious case of the missing greenhouse key, as well as what you can find inside the greenhouse.

Where is the key to the greenhouse effect?

If you've checked every room in the mansion, you've found the greenhouse keyring in Emma and Gregory's room. Emma has the key, so unless you want to knock her out to get it. This is extremely difficult to do without ruining your save, so the method below is a better option.

How to enter the Dartmoor greenhouse

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Since the key to the greenhouse is in Emma's pocket, you will likely need to break into the greenhouse using a lock or a crowbar. If this is your first playthrough, you're unlikely to have a lockpick on you, so go around the back of the greenhouse and grab the nearby crowbar. 

Using the crowbar to open the doors will cause a lot of trouble, so use distractions to keep everyone busy. I managed to get in through the door that led to the mansion, as you can wait for the guards to move away before entering.

What have inside?

So why so much noise? What evidence can you find inside the greenhouse? Well, there's all sorts of equipment used to craft poison, as well as a clue to who's next on the kill list. This is probably the last piece of evidence you'll need to prosecute a murderer, so it's important to check this area carefully. This is also a great place to collect poison.

This is how to enter the greenhouse area on the level Dartmoor do Hitman 3.

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