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    Hex of Steel is available for Windows, Mac and Linux

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    Independent video game developer SuperIndie Games has officially released a new title for devices running Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Hex of Steel is a hexagonal grid-based strategy game that puts you in the hot seat in the middle of WWII. The game covers all fronts and its editing system allows the recreation of virtually any conflict.

    Source: Official game page on Steam

    According to the press release from SuperIndieGames, Hex of Steel was originally titled "Operation Citadel", but its name has since changed. Plus, the game features over 1.600 different unit types, massive maps, countless campaigns, and a ton of editing material so you can play with the very nature of WWII.

    The SuperIndie Games press release states that some of the key features of Hex of Steel include the following:

    new updates

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    April 1th 2022
    • Added borders for all countries in the game. You cannot enter any country you want at any time, you will need to be at war to do so.
    • Added research with a “tech tree”. This is optional, but it can be fun to research technologies over time.
    • Added many, many, MANY new units (including but not just partisans, radars).
    • Added new blocks. Including new coastal tiles that are automatically generated when you load a map, a better overview.
    • Added random scenario generator. Generate a random scenario with settings you can choose with just a few clicks
    • Added new mechanic (entrenchment).

    New Changes

    • Graphics of all units. Accountants now look better than ever.
    • New logo, wallpaper and game name.
    • Improved performance and stability throughout the game.
    • Modding system with a mod manager.

    Below you can check out the official trailer for the game.

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