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    Here's Why Riot Disabled Yoru From Valorant's Operator Selection

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    Riot Games disabled Yoru in Valorant to fix an issue. The developers sent this message via the in-game prompt and didn't provide any information about the nature of the issue, but we can get an idea as to what might have caused this. Yoru was one of the newest additions and his teleportation abilities were being used to exploit some unknown bugs in Valorant.

    Yoru was the latest addition to the group of agents in Valorant. This agent is equipped with an interesting kit that has teleportation, invulnerability and flashbangs in the arsenal. Players have experimented with Gatecrash, the teleportation skill, and found some glitches where they can break the game.

    Some cases were not as serious as others. The clip below shows how Yoru can teleport in the Teleport section of Bind without actually activating it. More clips were popping up and one of the game's crash bugs was recently discovered.

    Don’t know if it’s been posted already but you can get into the tp on bind as Yoru. from VALORANT
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    April 1th 2022

    One player discovered that Yoru can be used to teleport to Breeze's pyramids. This can be used to gain a very unfair advantage, and on top of that, Yoru users can plant Spyke in the pyramids themselves. This bug makes it impossible to win a round if the enemy Yoru decides to plant Spyke inside the pyramids in Breeze.

    Riot Games may be investigating these bugs and ultimately decided to take action on this by disabling the agent itself. One of the potential clues is that Breeze has also been taken out of the competitive combo and this deactivated combo suggests that Riot Games may be fixing this issue.

    The developers stated that Yoru was taken out to fix an issue and Breeze was disabled from competitive play to fix a bug. Players can still play Breeze in other modes such as unranked or deathmatch. It's not explicitly stated that Riot Games made these changes for exactly this reason, but it could be one of the reasons.

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